What’s the big deal?

Searching for a new career can be mind boggling. So many options, so many questions. Looking in to becoming a driving instructor? Unsure if it would be right for you? Wondering, what’s the big deal about becoming a driving instructor? Well, I’ll tell you what the big deal is…

💡Seeking change

You may be looking for a new career as you’re fed up with doing the same thing everyday, day in, day out, always the same. Or you may be fed up with being stuck in a job that has no flexibility to suit your life-style. Or you may just be ready for an exciting new adventure.

For whatever reason you’re seeking change, becoming a driving instructor is an amazing new career to be considering You may have seen or heard this, ‘becoming a driving instructor is the best thing you could do’ ‘I became a driving instructor and never looked back’ ‘ You should become a driving instructor’ but have you ever been told why? Yes, it may seem like the best idea but what’s the big deal? Where do I start?

The benefits to becoming a driving instructor are endless but I have personally asked a small bunch of driving instructors I have trained, what they love about their job; to give you an understanding of what the big deal really is.

🚗 No two days are the same

No two days are the same when you’re a driving instructor. So many people from different walks of life will get in to your car and share their journey of learning to drive with you.

You will learn so much about this person and grow a bond with them over this journey. You learn not only what teaching methods suit them best but what they’re interested in, what motivates them, why they’re embarking on this journey to learning a life long skill with you. You will teach people from the very beginning of their journey, to people who are so close to the finish and just need that final push.

Each pupil has their own journey, and you get to play a massive part in that which in itself is rewarding.

🥇 A rewarding job

There is no other joy like seeing your pupils face light up when the examiner tells them they’ve passed their driving test. All your hard work and commitment to them has paid off and you know that your help has just changed someone’s life for the better.

Every instructor that I asked ‘What do you love about your job?’ each and every one of them told me that the best part about being a driving instructor is seeing your pupils pass their test.

Becoming a driving instructor is such a rewarding job, taking a completely incompetent and nervous driver and turning them in to a confident full licence holder will fill you with pride and fulfilment, not just in your pupil but also in yourself.

💪 Job flexibility

Have you got a hobby that you just never have time for due to work taking over? Have had to miss out on loved ones birthdays or other significant events? You’ll never have to worry about that again as a driving instructor.

You get to choose your hours and what days you work which allows you to have complete control and flexibility over your time off.

Got a birthday coming up? No problem, block it out in your diary. Got a sports day parents race to be taking part in? Best get training because you’ll be there. Need to work your job around the school run or schools holidays? You’ve just found the perfect job for you.

Becoming a driving instructor offers you flexibility you’d regret passing up.

💰 Huge earning potential

Due to high demand for driving lessons and the current climate, driving lesson prices have soared over the past few years. The earning potential of becoming a driving instructor is the best it’s ever been, there couldn’t be a better time to start.

With 1st 4 Driving, you’ll take 100% of your lesson fees which is currently averaging £34 per hour with room to increase over the next year or so.

A job with such a high hourly rate and so much flexibility sounds too good to be true, but it really is true! Now you may be starting to realise what the big deal is actually about!

💻 Full support

Just in case you were still unsure what the big deal is about, what if I told you, all enquiries from pupils and bookings were all done and sorted for you?

That’s right, 1st 4 Driving will fill your diary with pupils, handle the payments for your lessons, assist your pupils in booking their theory and practical tests, offer an online diary both you and your pupils can make bookings from and offer full time office support for both you and your pupils.

We couldn’t make it any easier for you to become a driving instructor if we tried!

🎉 Congratulations, you made it to the end of the long list of benefits to becoming a driving instructor ( and this was just the shortened version) I hope you feel inspired by this article and would love to hear from you, whether you have any questions or would like some more information. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch 😊

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