We are not all in the same boat!

Well 5 odd weeks into this lock down and I can see the strain for some starting to show. We see the way people are reacting to for what is a very stressful time. Stresses of health, finance, boredom and a sense of lost.

‘we are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm’

I have just seen a very interesting graphic saying, ‘we are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm’. On reflection this is so true. The boat for each of us is different. For some the priority is the risk of death, however great or slight, death is the overriding scare for some. Others it is how to put food on the table. Typically, ‘man’ is the hunter gatherer and there is a distinct instinct to need to provide, a need to work. Others it is a more nurturing, protecting instinct. And here we have dichotomies. We are starting to see posts about how some are being refused help, too many savings or partners working, or wrong national insurance contributions paid. These and many other things are preventing some from accessing help. I know myself; many avenues of help are just not accessible or come with conditions that could force me to close my business, but I press on.

Speculation is around on how we will be able to go back to work. One camp says, they are not going back until the virus is gone or there is a complete vaccine. Now that could be a long time indeed if ever as I am hearing (I do not know for certain as it is not my area of expertise) that this virus can mutate and change. Another camp wants to go back to work now and see the greater risk as financial collapse of their family unit. Stresses are alive and I do wonder what the hidden cost to health will be through all this. How many people will die early, not from the virus but the additional stress and worry. We know stress is a big killer, when someone dies of a heart attack, it is recorded as a heart attack and not stress. I currently hear stories of people dying of heart attacks who get reported as the virus.

So, what is the plan for back to work? Well nobody really knows, not even the government currently. Like us the government has their worries, their fears and problems. When will be back to work? Well I do not know but I see two thoughts on this popping up.

  1. That people in large groups will still be banned from meeting in public spaces and pubs etc for a while, but smaller groups and people who work in smaller groups will be allowed back.
  2. That people who cannot exercise social distancing will not be able to go back, like driving instructors for some time.

Now option 1 seems to be the preferred way of our cousins overseas. It has been mentioned I believe in Denmark that hairdressers and driving instructors can return to work. Option 2 seems to me as we are there already. People that can work, do providing they keep to social distancing.

I am no politician nor expert, but my money would be on the government allowing small businesses back to get the country and economy m

oving again first. They can also end the support that is currently being offered (or appears to be offered). There may be businesses who can afford to stay home until the vaccines are here or those that think the risk of catching the virus and dying is greater than the risk of financial ruin and that is personal choice, but I do see a time coming soon when the support will dry up.

Personal choice

Whatever we know or do not know, the fact is this storm is here, and it is coming in waves. We see it start to calm then it rages up again, like a country that must face hurricanes on a regular basis, we will need to learn to live with it and adapt. We need to build this into our business and personal plans. Like building a house in one of those hurricane areas, we build it to either withstand the storm or to collapse and be easily rebuilt after. It is a choice for everyone to what way they choose.


Speak soon


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