Useful Tips

Roof Boxes
Did you know that there is a right and wrong way for the top box to be positioned on your car? The “L” part should be placed over the driver’s side.
Give your roof box a good wash in soapy water from time to time. Ensure if it is frosty you wipe the roof over first otherwise the roof box may not stay on. In normal conditions a roof box should stay on at speeds of 140mph; that’s 70mph driving into a 70mph headwind in case you were thinking of driving at 140mph!

Tips to help create a calm atmosphere
Take two cotton balls. Place a drop of Essence of Lavender oil on each, and pop them in the side door pocket next to the driver’s seat. On hot days it will keep you calm without making you feel drowsy.
For really nervous pupils especially on the day of the test, there are several herbal remedies such as “Calms” tablets or “Bach’s Rescue Remedy” that may be useful to your pupils. Do not keep them or administer them yourself though, just advise your pupils as appropriate!
It is now possible to apply for a first British provisional licence application online. The pupil can also view the progress of the application using this method. This website can be a useful link to many other interesting sources of information to you to.
If you haven’t already come across this website and you don’t use a satnav, you may find it very useful for finding pupil addresses – you only need to key in the postcode. This site is very useful for setting up your training ground and routes for pupils in the early days. The ‘Earth’ or ‘Satellite’ view enables you to look at the layouts and types of junctions.