Trainee licence scheme

The trainee licence scheme is under review and is not likely to be continuing in its current format after 2015. Then it will probably be replaced by a vocational qualification that will allow an exception to teach but providing the training instructor is supervised 100% of the time.

Valuable advice;
A trainee licence allows you to earn an income giving driving instruction, but it should not be regarded as a sole means of making a living or as an alternative to registration as an ADI. The trainee licence lasts six months and normally only one is granted in a qualifying period.

Your legal requirements
• You are responsible for the use of your licence. You must not advertise yourself as if you were a fully qualified instructor.

• Your trainee licence shows the name and address of your training establishment. You can only give instruction from there. You are not allowed to work independently of your supervisor, e.g. by setting up your own school.

• You must receive the required amount of supervision or additional training while your licence is still valid. It is your responsibility to ensure you receive this training.

• You must be a ‘fit and proper’ person.

• You must display the licence on the nearside edge of the front windscreen of your car whilst you are giving instruction.

When you pass
Once you have passed the third – and final – part of the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) qualifying examination, you can apply to join the ADI Register
You must apply to join the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Register within one year of passing the ADI part three test of instructional ability. The easiest way to apply is online and you can do this by clicking here Apply for your ADI licence on-line if you are viewing this electronically. Otherwise go to the business link website and search for applying for your ADI licence on-line.

If you don’t, your qualification will become invalid and you will have to restart the qualification process with the part one theory test.
Your certificate must be displayed in the nearside edge of the front windscreen of your car while you give instruction. You are also encouraged to display your certificate while your pupils are taking their tests. The police and authorised officers of the Department for Transport may ask you to show your certificate on demand.

(If) you fail
If you fail your first or second attempt at the ADI part three test, you must provide evidence that you have taken five hours additional training at the time of your next attempt, otherwise your trainee licence may be revoked. This can simply be a signed letter confirming your additional five hours from your trainer. In the unlikely event that you were to fail all three, DO NOT tell your pupils you have failed and can no longer teach them!! This can lead you open to parents demanding their money back from you as they feel they have been cheated. My advice would be to say you have given up for personal reasons. It is hoped that this is only a temporary halt in your training and I will endeavour to help you out so you can re-start your training and come round again. Always try to pace your part three tests so as to maximise your licence and so that if you are taking a third and final, it is as close to your two year expiry date as possible so you can be back on the road again and teaching as soon as possible. You may still be able to re-take over your previous pupils and at the very least their friends. So be careful what you tell them if you did fail all three tests.

Coming round again
If you had failed and your two years are up, you need to retake all three parts again. In theory it should not take you too long for your part one theory and HPT test. This can be completed in the first week. Also theoretically your part two driving test should be simple too and not require too much if any training. So depending on test availability you can be back to part three in weeks and possibly days! You will still need to complete your initial 40 hour part three training if you wanted to go back on a trainee licence but you can be up and running back on your trainee licence very quickly and we have helped quite a few instructors from other schools to do just this. In fact I know of two trainers who are now ORDIT qualified who did just that!

To sum up;
• Do not tell your learners you have failed any part three tests.
• If you were unfortunate enough to fail all three attempts at part three, then it is possible to have you back on the road and earning again quite quickly.
• I will help you back on the road again as much as we can.
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