Train to be a Driving Instructor


Many people have looked at becoming a driving instructor having seen the many benefits. But like anything you need to do a little work to get there. Many suitable potential instructors are put off by the training but this should not be the case. Training can be very easy if you are with the correct school. Lets face it, driving instructors come from many diverse and different backgrounds. I have personally trained people who were builders labourers, publicans to graduates.

The training is much about common sense and showing what experience you have developed since passing your own L test. Many people worry about things like ‘what about all the bad habits I have picked up’ or ‘I would not be able to pass my driving test again’. In reality most people would be able to with just a few pointers. You did it once you can do it again.

The training involves three tests.

Part 1 or test of knowledge

This is a computer based theory test really and is designed to check your knowledge of the Highway Code and other publications. Our comprehensive online training portal allows you to train for this at your own pace. Some people do this over a few days while some take a few months. You have the backup of myself too or one of the dedicated support team.

Part 2 or driving ability

This is not so much an advanced test but a chance to show the examiner the skills and experience you have gained. Normally expect about 10-12hrs of refresher training for this where the trainer just gives you the pointers and shows you what is required. The trainer will advise on any ‘bad habits’ and explain some of the more modern ways of thinking around driving today.

Part 3 or teaching ability

This is where the fun begins in your training. During part 3 training your trainer will play the role of your pupil. They will guide you as to the techniques and knowledges required to transfer all the skill from part 2 and the knowledges from part 1. You will teach your trainer as if they were a pupil using different styles. A variety of different scenarios will be used before you begin to teach real learners.

Trainee licence scheme.

When you have completed a minimum of 40hrs of part 3 training you can use what is known as a trainee licence. This licence allows you to actually teach learners for money or monies worth. This means that before you actually sit your final exam you can actually start to earn while you complete your training. This gives you a chance to fine tune your teaching and you will continue to get the support of your trainer during this process. When you are ready for your part 3 test the examiner will currently role play the learner that you will teach and give you a couple of scenarios to teach them.

All in all the training is fun and the materials and training you will receive will be great. Everything is overseen by Driving School DaveĀ . Training and support does not stop when you have passed either and the support continues as long as you work with us.