The Trainee Licence

Once you have passed your Part 2 Test, we can start you Part 3 Training with a goal to getting you on a PDI licence.

After you have completed 40 hours of Part 3 Training (These will be completed in car, online and in classroom training), you can apply for a PDI/Trainee Licence. While you’re still training on the instructional part of the job, you’ll be able to teach and earn money through driving lessons on this licence. This is a really valuable way of helping you learn on the job while earning too.

About the Trainee Licence

⏳ The trainee licence lasts for six months, so it’s important to apply for it at the right time.

🚘 It must be displayed in your windscreen while you’re giving driving lessons.

🏡 The address of your supporting driving school must be shown on your licence.

❌ You are not allowed to operate as an independent instructor outside of your supporting school.

💗 It’s Pink! When you qualify, you will have a Green ADI Licence, however the PDI Licence is Pink.

💰 It gives you the chance to earn while you learn

Applying for a Trainee Licence

To apply for your trainee licence, you must complete and sign an ADI 3L and a ADI 21T form. Both yourself and your trainer must sign these forms and they must be sent to the DVSA with a Photo ID picture of yourself. Forms must be sent within 10 working days of the issuing date. A payment of £140 is taken from the applicant and the licence will be issued on the Tuesday before your Monday start date (if application is sent in time).

The Trainee Licence Scheme

Furthermore, the trainee licence scheme is a great way or earning while you craft your trade as a driving instructor. We’re big advocates for it. Watch the video below to find out why👇

What comes next?

You will take your Part 3 Test during your trainee licence period as you will take one of your pupils with you for the test. Click this button to find out more on the next steps