The football coach

I was training someone once who was complaining that the franchise he was working for was not supplying him enough pupils. He was scruffy and had very poor livery on his vehicle and it was on large magnetics backings. I asked him why he used such large magnetic signs as I was concerned that if something so large came off it would completely obliterate the windscreen of a following vehicle. He explained he used magnetics as he would take them off immediately after driving lessons as when he was finished he was not working and would not advertise the fact. He also asked to leave the training session early as he was training young 16 and 17 year olds to play football. I asked if he left the livery on for this or if he told these youngsters that he was an instructor and his reply was ‘his work business and his personal life were separate and he did not tell them. Now was there a great opportunity for marketing then!!!!!!!!