The 9 Reasons Why You NEED to Become a Driving Instructor

Fancy a change of scene every day?

There’s no better time than now to become a driving instructor. Allow me to give you some insight into the benefits you could have with this incredible career.

Changing careers to become a driving instructor is so rewarding. Here’s some examples of how:

  • Fit in with family or other commitments
  • Work extra hours when you want
  • Job satisfaction
  • Job security
  • You’re your own boss
  • A new car regularly
  • Professional qualification
  • Career opportunities
  • A darn good way of making a living

Let’s look at these in some more detail…

take the next step
Take the next step… it’s so worth it

1. Fit in with family or other commitments

The job comes with a lot of flexibility in the number of hours and when you work. If your goal is to work fewer hours to fit in with family or other commitments, the job suits this perfectly. Many driving instructors work hours around school times to be there for their children or around their partner’s shift patterns.

There are many driving instructors who even do the job to supplement a pension and work evenings and weekends. I have two instructors in Southampton who have very good jobs in government offices who do driving lessons in the evenings and weekends.

2. Work extra hours when you want

Equally, if you’re looking for a job where you can do lots of hours where you can earn lots of money, then your hours are not limited. You might have to assess how your hours affect you in terms of fatigue, but I have some instructors who do 60 hours a week and are fine (I’m not sure we could all do that!) I used to do 36 paid hours of driving lessons when I taught learners and that suited me fine. Occasionally if I needed some extra money, I would do extra hours to increase the money. That’s the flexibility of the job.

3. Job satisfaction

There is an immense amount of job satisfaction that comes with being a driving instructor. Every time a pupil passes their driving test, there is such joy in them and they will show it. Often parents will send messages thanking you too. Sometimes it’s not even passing the test, a simple helping them with a manoeuvre they were struggling with or overcoming their fear of roundabouts can lead to lots of emotion. You will certainly feel appreciated and know you are doing something worthwhile.

4. Job security

The job security here is great. There will always be a need for driving instructors. Over 750,000 driving tests are taken every year and 95% of these are done with a professional driving instructor.

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5. You’re your own boss

Effectively, you are your own boss, setting your own hours and choosing to work when you want. You get to choose the areas you teach in (although we do say sometimes you need to open your diary a little during certain times of the year.) Pupils tend to disappear around Christmas for parties and August for holidays, but there are ways around this. Some instructors book their driving tests in January, so they must keep having lessons during December. I didn’t. I chose to take my own holidays around these times, so it can all work out fine.

6. A new car regularly

l plate on carMany driving instructors lease their cars. It’s a great way of having a new car every two years or so and hassle free. Some instructors chose to buy their cars. This can be a great way too and even better if you have a deposit or a vehicle you can use as a deposit.

With our schools, you’ll be able to chose any reasonable car you like – and chose the colour (unlike working for a school that provides the car for you.) If you do purchase, make sure you tell the garage it’s for driving tuition and they’ll mark it on the paperwork. At the time of writing this, an instructor I know bought his own car privately from a garage and didn’t tell them it was for driving school purposes. A few weeks later the engine failed and had to be rebuilt. It’s currently been off the road for 3 weeks and they won’t cover him for a replacement driving school car.

What’s it really like?

“Job satisfaction is great, I remember the first time my pupil passed their driving test with me. The feeling was great, but in the test centre that day was a grumpy old man. He said to me “It soon wears off and you’ll get bored.” I promised to myself that the day that happens I will get out and 17 years later I am still here. I suppose it’s down to personality really, many people do this as a job and nothing else. They don’t care for the job satisfaction or the real chance of helping people. When you become a driving instructor, the role has many diversities too, not just learner drivers but you can move into advanced driving, refresher driving lessons, instructor training and fleet corporate driver training to name but a few.

No two days are the same. Each day brings new challenges and variety. It’s great fun teaching young learners, and almost every pupil is so happy to be in your lessons. You are providing something they want and are happy to pay money for. The learner that had no problems before suddenly finds something a challenge and it’s your job to find a way to help them. Long lasting friendships are made and everybody remembers their driving instructor.”

Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI

7. Professional qualification

When you become a driving instructor, you will get a professional qualification. This is a valuable position that gives a lot. You need to have regular checks (every 4 years) to ensure you are still at the standard, but all the help needed for this is given. As long as you keep teaching the correct way then you will always pass the checks.

8. Career opportunities

Unlike your current dead-end job, becoming a driving instructor gives you great opportunities to further your career. As well as training pupils, we have the chance to train other driving instructors. As well as being fulfilling, these can also be financially lucrative sessions, often commanding hourly rates north of the £30 mark.

9. It’s a darn good way to earn a living

Honestly, becoming a driving instructor was the best thing I did, it’s fun, flexible and rewarding. Having been a service engineer previously, I always felt something was missing in my career, but as a driving instructor I had it all. I still do. It is a very worthwhile career and although there is a little training to do at first, once completed (and in some cases earlier), all the benefits and rewards are there.

We specialise in training people to become driving instructors using high-grade instructors; driving instructors who have been there and got the t-shirts. They will not only teach you the qualification process, but give you all the tips and hints you need to help you with all the other aspects too. Many schools leave you to your own devices when you pass, letting you struggle on by yourself, but our accredited schools never stop helping you.

P.S. In this thriving industry, there’s no better time than now to become a driving instructor. The world of driver training awaits. We know our job and we know we can get you to yours, but only you can take the next step. It’s not difficult, you just need to pick up the phone or email us. You can even use the odd little chat widget in the bottom right of the screen, you know that annoying little thing that pops up now and again.

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