What it takes to be a professional instructor

I am often asked, ‘is there a good living to be made as a Driving Instructor?’ The simple answer is YES. However, it will not come to you.

Now you are a self-employed person responsible for your own success and demise!! My answer is always followed with ‘there is if you exceed your pupil’s demands.’ What do I mean? Take a look at the test centre, a popular place where you will see Driving Instructors gathered. Many are very scruffy and cars look like they could do with a wash. There are many unprofessional things you will see, all you have to do is ‘stand out from the crowd’ and from the evidence often seen, you don’t have to do too much. You are a professional so start your career by looking and acting professional.

I dress for work, it would be all too easy to think my pupil would not care what I look like and for many they don’t. Think of the wider implications, what if mum or dad saw you through the window, what would their impression be? They won’t have the advantage of your pupil who falls in love with your wonderful persona!

Meet the demands of your pupil; sounds simple but is often over looked. It was Margret Thatcher (sorry guys) who said ‘do not bring me problems, bring me solutions’. Look at how you can meet these pupil’s needs and you will be onto a winner.

You have entered a service industry where you are on show all the time. What you say and do can make or break you so always give yourself the advantage and choose your words carefully.

An innocent joke can end up being miss-read. Avoid over familiarities such as ‘love’ and ‘darling’ save these for your loves and darlings. Girls and guys do find this creepy despite what you may think. I myself find it quite weird when a young barmaid calls me ‘darling’ etc. If you go to any continuing professional development event, take a look at the successful instructors and see what they all have in common.