How to do some simple checks on the drivers licence

The are 2 easy steps to check a drivers licence.

First of all you will need the drivers:
– Driving Licence number
– National insurance number
– Postcode of where their licence is registered (this tends to be the address on their licence)

Next you need to go to the link below:
This will bring up the following page and you need to click start now to start the process:







You will then need to put in the driving licence number, national insurance number and postcode and tick the box to say you agree and click view now





Once you have clicked view now this will bring up the following page:





You then need to click on the tab called Share your licence information and this will bring up the following page






Then on the image above you will see a button to click to get a code click this and you will get the following page





Once you have this code you will need to copy it (the code is only valid for 28 days and can only be used once) and go to the following website:

This will bring up this page:





You need to enter the code you copied into the check code box and then use the last 8 digits of the licence code (excluding the space and the 2 numbers at the end of the licence) and click check licence

This will then bring up the following page:





The page above will show you all the information you are going to need to check that your pupil is safe and able to drive. It will show you if they have and points and offences and if they do it will tell you these just above where it says what the pupil can provisionally drive

This is how all licence checks are being done now its very simple and easy.