Lesson Planner – 2024 Instructor’s Edition

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80-page A4 lesson planner for PDIs and ADIs that follows the DVSA learning to drive syllabus. Written and produced by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, founder of 1st 4 Driving and DTE-Elite.

✔ Updated for 2024 including diagrams of the new Highway Code changes and Q&A prompts

Fly through your part 3/standards test using tried and tested lesson plans and structures to meet your pupil’s needs!

The truth is that so many part 3 and standards tests are failed because of a simple lack of structure. Follow the guidance in this Lesson Planner and structure your lessons EVERY time and you’ll be in the best position to pass your part 3/standards test with flying colours.


Driving Lesson Planner for PDIs and ADIs that follows the DVSA learning to drive syllabus. Written and produced by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, founder of 1st 4 Driving and DTE-Elite.

Fly through your part 3/standards test using tried and tested lesson plans and structures to meet your pupil’s needs!

The truth is that so many part 3 and standards tests are failed because of a simple lack of structure. Follow the guidance in this lesson planner and structure your lessons EVERY time and you’ll be in the best position to pass your part 3/standards test with flying colours.


Version: 2024

Page size: A4

Format: Display book, plastic pouches OR fully laminated (see premium version). Perfect for future updates and use with dry-wipe marker pens (sold separately)

Pages: 80

Dispatched from: Callington, Cornwall

Product images:

What we’ve improved for 2024:

  • Completely remastered hundreds of graphics throughout the publication for better quality and more realistic diagrams
  • Added prompts for carrying loads including bike racks, top boxes, animals and children
  • References to the new towing rules and electric vehicles including charging
  • New graphics for zebra, toucan, pelican and puffin crossings
  • Updated to include references and diagrams demonstrating the new Highway Code changes, including the hierarchy of road users and pedestrians crossing at junctions
  • Q&A Prompts
  • Updated and more detailed text for driving instructors
product rating4.59 / 5
237 reviews

127 reviews for Lesson Planner – 2024 Instructor’s Edition

  1. Dave Williams (verified owner)

    Great lesson planner full of information to help with Part 3 and beyond well made and so easy to use.5* customer service had a query and it was dealt with straight away.

  2. Andrew Monkman (verified owner)

    Great value. A must have for any PDI

  3. Stephen Taylor (verified owner)

  4. Daniel Layzell (verified owner)

    Delivered within a few days. Great product with very clear illustrations.

  5. Smith, Patricia (verified owner)

    As I already use the apps on my iPad I don’t really find this useful, I thought it was going to be something new and a good teaching tool but it’s a bit out of dare in my opinion.

  6. Duncan Brough (verified owner)

    The book is good, but I find it difficult to tell the difference between the red ( unknown) and orange ( may be known) skills. The red and orange are very similar colours. Maybe using a bright blue for may be known would be much clearer?
    Also, there is no lesson plan on how to corner safely ( Limit Point). This in my opinion is 1 of the most important lessons to give as alot of accidents happen on bends because the driver hasn’t been taught to read the Limit Point.

  7. Nicky R. (verified owner)

    Very good book well detailed/clear and precise. 5 star. Quick delivery.

  8. Richard A Maguire (verified owner)

    Great service, arrived quickly and very useful product.
    Would recommend anyone who is an instructor have this as a learning tool.

  9. Maurice Reilly (verified owner)

    Enjoying studying from this. Also easy to follow.

  10. Natalie (verified owner)

  11. Pauliasi Korobiau (verified owner)

    Really informative and has all that is required for teaching, help with passing part 3 ADI test. Highly recommend for those that are working towards passing ADI part 3 test.

  12. Liam Rider (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The videos were very helpful. I thought the plans were too brief for a P3 preparation though, possibly more suited for Standards checks as you’d have previous experience to use these as a formulation idea. I use TGROW in my other role though, so it was a useful addition.

  14. Maggie Miles (verified owner)

    Pupils are enjoying the files, they are set out nice and clear.its give a breath of fresh. Very professional

  15. Jalaludin A. (verified owner)

    Arrived well on time but quality of the paper could have been better

  16. Anne Atcheson (verified owner)

    Book is easy to follow with good illustrations, should help my pupils greatly

  17. Richard C. (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, quality product and I’m sure will get lots of use over the years, thank you!

  18. Manjit (verified owner)

    Loving this lesson planner it’s very structured and helps a lot when it comes to instructing. Very happy with my purchase

  19. Craig T. (verified owner)

    Happy with purchase. Good quality and speedy delivery. Thank you.

  20. Jeremy Lyth (verified owner)

    Good quality…and everything we need and more. Great value

  21. Gavin Hewson (verified owner)

    never let you down

  22. Paul Allen (verified owner)

    It will be a great help. And will get used a lot. Thank you very much.

  23. Roy (verified owner)

    Reads like an Excellent book that will guide on my journey with the help needed

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Roy. Thank you for your review. This is exactly what I am trying to do, create the story. Enjoy.

  24. jason Burnet (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and a good lesson planner

  25. Steven Mcinalty (verified owner)

  26. Savvas Savva (verified owner)

    Very useful and practical book. I would give it a 5 but the book arrived damaged and I cannot find a way of contacting this company to ask for a replacement. Very disappointed as the plastic sleeve will only deteriote die to its flimsy nature.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your review. The content is indeed great for helping instructors. I’m sorry the silly postman damaged your book, the office will contact you today to arrange a replacement without problems.

      Many instructors have used these planners fir over 15 years without determination so don’t worry.

  27. Malcolm McArthur (verified owner)

    Very well presented

  28. Agnieszka S. (verified owner)

  29. Naseem Khan (verified owner)

    Very good service and quality

  30. Mark Henry (verified owner)

    It will be very useful for me in terms of my journey to become a Driving Instructor.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      It certainly will Henry. This is, what we love to do, to help driving instructors. Goid luck

  31. Colin Spears (verified owner)

  32. Frank Adams (verified owner)

    Ordered lesson planner arrived but damaged in delivery new lesson planner immediately sent out. The lesson planner is excellent and due to the GROW usage will keep my client centered approach on track. Thank you so very much.

  33. Nicola Smith (verified owner)

    Truly great resource!

  34. Radley Knight (verified owner)

    Nice clear instructions, all seems to explained in layman terms.

  35. Lawrence Collett (verified owner)

    First class service

  36. Rachel (verified owner)

    Very helpful and informative, especially for Pdi training and for the standards check .

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Michelle H. (verified owner)

    I use this in most lessons to refer to, I use both of the folders I bought, very helpful

  39. Paul w. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and great planner I am very pleased with it thank you.

  40. Keith Butler (verified owner)

    Hi Dave I found the planner really helpful, I’ve been an adi for 34 years doing things the old way for 25 and not wanting to embrace the ccl way. Having passed two sc and failed two now, this last one today was down to risk management and it’s associated things. I felt I did better in my mind but didn’t do the agreed help on spiral roundabout s my pupil has cognitive overload and I didn’t help him as we agreed. Also repeated following distance on mway telling him but not following through and stopping it . Anyway your videos and the planner made a huge difference,I’ll get it next time , if not I’ll be retiring, which I’ve been trying to do for 9 years.

  41. Steve Clark (verified owner)

    Really useful & helpful addition to my work equipment.

  42. Christopher Baxter (verified owner)


  43. Chris Baxter (verified owner)

    Would highly recommend this planner to any PDIs or those newly qualified looking for ideas and inspiration you can see a lot of effort has gone into the preparation although there is some negative feedback on they way its just printed paper in a folder but I think it makes it more personalised rather than just genetic.
    I’m about 13 months in and 7 months as a ADI so it’s very helpful to keep me on the ball

  44. Roger Ismay (verified owner)

    Excellent product, great service

  45. Susan (verified owner)

    I found this planner very useful, it explains things better to me than my previous planner in a way in which I understand where I can fully interact and reiterate to my pupils. Thank you!

  46. Andreas Varelis (verified owner)

  47. Neil (verified owner)

  48. Tony BAKER (verified owner)

    Great product highly recommended

  49. Stuart M. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and very useful resources

  50. Joanne Wilson (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I’m mid training to be an ADI and this will be a fantastic help. I marked 4 stars instead of 5 just because it might have been better laminated instead of pouches but, otherwise great.

  51. Barrie (verified owner)

  52. Lisa E. (verified owner)

    Colorful and good explanation and easy to use

  53. April Lawrence (verified owner)

    Unable to review as not received

  54. Damon

    I use it daily and although not laminated I am able to use board markers and wipe it off easily to demonstrate my point.
    Nice to refer to when you need reassurance or a helpful prompt

  55. Neil Hogg (verified owner)

    Looks good quality with some good information but not had chance to have a proper read of the planner yet

  56. Deborah Dougherty (verified owner)

    Great resource to keep in the car

  57. Peter Rowling (verified owner)

    Great to have an up to date Lesson planner, with the new rules.
    Easy to use, great prompt Questions, scenarios.
    Fast, efficient service. Definately recommend this.

  58. Ben Hodder (verified owner)

    Thank You Dave for this. I’ve recently passed my part 3 with a big franchise and wish I had this book sooner.
    Everything is clear, simple to understand and make sense. So much so I’ve adopted most of Dave’s teaching style from the book into my lessons now. A must have for ADIs

  59. Martin Bailey (verified owner)

    Simple diagrams yet comprehensive.

  60. Ivanoy Brito (verified owner)

    Very poor quality on material, no mention of LADA or Limit points. Disappointed

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Ivanoy. Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying the material.

      The material is based on the DVSA’s official National Standard for Driver and Rider Training, as well the Learn to Drive Syllabus. While LADA and limit points are used by a minority of instructors, these aren’t mentioned in the Standard so aren’t included.

      As instructors we can use the Lesson Planner as a valuable reference guide to the official syllabus through our pupils’ journey to passing.

  61. Douglas Ker (verified owner)

    Looking forward to taking out on a lesson to try it out

  62. Michael McGrory (verified owner)

    Really good – great reaource

  63. Darren (verified owner)

    Excellent service from DTE-ELITE, the planner arrived very quickly and I’m very happy with the content, the book is very easy to use and allows the instructor to follow a structured lesson plan.

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product

  65. Michael Fox (verified owner)

    Only just got it as been away quick look at it looks really good will be interesting to get time to sit down and read it through

  66. Sameer (verified owner)

    Happy with the contents. Makes life easier and make me practice for part 3

  67. Mike Parfitt (verified owner)

    Easy ordering process. Good quality product. Easy to use. Many thanks

  68. Andrew Evans (verified owner)

    Seems a great product. Haven’t had time to use it yet but looks to be good

  69. Emma Doyle (verified owner)

    I like the book there are some handy tips but I feel it could offer more in depth explanation of each topic, as in what exactly needs to be covered. I’d really like a book that teaches tid bits of tried and tested methods of fixing issues, ie stalling…things that you have used to combat it beyond prompting learner etc eg count to 4, or hold feet still when moving off that kind of thing.

  70. Wendy H. (verified owner)

    I was a little disappointed as I was expecting laminated pages.
    However, the content is good.

  71. Maria Ugras (verified owner)

  72. Alan J. (verified owner)

  73. Julie Mcnamara (verified owner)

    I’m happy with the planner,it will take a while to get used to as I’ve been using the same diagrams for 15 years.

  74. Asan Yahov (verified owner)

    The best book I’ve ever used as an ADI

  75. Kevin Hopkins (verified owner)

  76. Ian Brown (verified owner)


  77. stephen cheshire (verified owner)

    A nice looking planner not had a chance to incorporate it into my lessons yet!

  78. Tom Boyle (verified owner)

    Very very disappointing, I wish I had seen these reviews before I spent the money. Very cheap folder with photocopies of everyday lesson plans pushed into envelopes, at least Dick Turpin wore a mask!. Sorry but that’s how I feel, don’t think I got anything here that I haven’t already got.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Tom, we are extremely disappointed that you are not completely happy. We are very proud of having so many great reviews but we know that not everyone appreciates the way this planner has helped so many achieve higher standards check grades and not to mention how many simply found it invaluable for passing the part three test.

      As I say, we understand that it’s not for everyone, the loose leaf format that makes it easily updatable without huge expenses, the structured content inline with the DVSA syllabus, is not for everyone. This is why we always refund completely without quibble to those who feel ‘robbed’. The office will be in touch shortly to refund you and we hope you find what it is you’re looking for.

  79. Lee Rhodes (verified owner)

    Content is OK but a little disappointed with presentation for £40… Just a £2 folder and printed paper slotted in. Some edges are bent over and not able to draw on with wipe board markers.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Lee, we’re sorry to see your negative review, especially reviewing the Lesson Planner by the value of its individual parts. The Planner has been developed and honed with over 15+ years of experience and qualifications and is used every day and loved by so many, you only need to look at the other reviews here.

      If you’re unhappy with your Lesson Planner you’re welcome to get in touch about sending it back and we will offer a refund.

  80. Steve (verified owner)

    Very good and prompt delivery

  81. Mark Pitman (verified owner)

    Excellent service, fast delivery and the lesson planner is brilliant feel it will help not only with lessons but standards check.

  82. Roy Bradshaw (verified owner)

    All arrived thank you

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not good

  84. John L. (verified owner)

    Really easy to follow wordings and diagrams . It structures your lessons From the word go .

  85. Alan Jamieson (verified owner)

    Print quality could be higher.

  86. Mohamed Mohamed (verified owner)

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I thought it could have been laminated…
    And the graphics could have had more detail in them.
    It also looks like it’s put together with printed sheets inside plastic wallets.

    I’m afraid I’m going to say it does not merit the asking price TBH.

  88. Alan (verified owner)

    A very helpful book and look forward
    To using it

  89. Danny Gibson (verified owner)

    Very good quality and the lesson planner very much up to date fantastic

  90. Mark D. (verified owner)

    Excellent product & very beneficial to my pupils. Clear & precise

  91. Alan Whitcombe (verified owner)

    Well presented and professional layout

  92. Juanita (verified owner)

    Nice fresh layout and diagrams. Used it today on novice pupil regarding weather conditions etc, worked well

  93. Mike J. (verified owner)

    A concise Coaching Companion.Good quality graphics with well laid out Lesson Plans.High quality, Professional presentation.

  94. Alan Wild (verified owner)

    Very good quality and value for money

  95. Phil Robinson (verified owner)

    Very interesting and informative book .

  96. Craig (verified owner)

    The lesson planner really is well thought out and plenty of scenario’ situations!
    I’ve used it on 3 new pupil’s –
    The lay out and diagrams –
    Pictures of the planner are really useful.
    Really great investment.
    I’ll be honest, I was dubious but now very happy and content !!
    Thank You

  97. Gavin Catt (verified owner)

    The book is so easy to follow. It makes each lesson have a structure and without waisting time get all the points an instructor needs to get across to the pupil.

  98. Rosemarie (verified owner)

    Amazing service, arrived within 2 days of ordering & I’m really pleased with the product

  99. Mark Quinsee (verified owner)

    Just received my planner and I feel the pages should be laminated as I wouldn’t want to write on the a4 sleeves they are in, my old one has lasted me ten years but I don’t feel this one will last as long. I havnt looked at the content yet so can’t comment

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Mark, I’m sorry to see that you’ve left a negative review. I can assure you that the sleeves are perfectly suitable for writing on with dry-wipe markers and will come off perfectly – it’s been properly tested and we wouldn’t advertise it as suitable for dry-wipe if that wasn’t the case.

      There are a few reasons why we chose to use pouches rather than laminating the pages. Firstly, laminating would make the product more expensive. Pouches also open up the possibility for the Planner to be updated in the future as the law, technology and coaching methods change and develop. I used (a very old version of) this planner in one of these folders in every lesson I taught for many years – if you look after it it should absolutely stand the test of time. In fact, many instructors are still using the original near-15-year-old version of this.

      I’m slightly disappointed that you decided to leave a 2 star review as soon as you received the Planner without looking at any of the content. I really hope you enjoy it as you begin to use it in your lessons, maybe you’ll update your review once you have a proper look.


  100. GARY LEE SAUL (verified owner)

  101. Terry B. (verified owner)

    Really good at a first glance but haven’t used it yet .

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Great thanks Terry – enjoy it when you start using it.

  102. Stephen P. (verified owner)

    Very handy having the notes/ prompts on each topic

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Stephen, enjoy!

  103. Ray Smith (verified owner)

    Each page should read top to bottom otherwise great..

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Ray, thanks for the comment. The Lesson Planner has been designed to be used sideways so your pupil can see the diagram while you read the corresponding notes. I’ve done an explainer video showing you the best way to use it: https://dte-elite.co.uk/lesson-planner-tutorial/

  104. Diane (verified owner)

    Looks great. Concise and clear. Will make great use of the graphics, thank you.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks for the review Diane, there are loads of diagrams in there that you can use with your visual learners and don’t forget to download the additional diagrams from the website, link is in the book!

  105. Simon (verified owner)

    Excellent thank you .

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Simon, glad you like it

  106. Mark (verified owner)

    I think it is a great piece of kit to use, simple & straight forward. For a newly qualified ADI it helps me structure a lesson while I’m still finding my feet.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks for the review Mark. Congrats on passing your Part 3 test and enjoy life as an ADI!

  107. RASANAYAGAM RAVIKUMAR (verified owner)

    Very useful for standard check

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Rasanayagam I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

  108. Gopal Budhia (verified owner)

    Flimsy, could have been laminated. Awkward to use due to layout

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Gopal Thank you for purchasing the lesson planner. Choosing the cover was difficult as we have said previously we really wanted one that driving instructors could update easily and not have to replace the whole planner. There are many planners with hard covers and laminated that are not updatable for £70 plus but we wanted to keep the costs down feeling the information the planner contained was more important. The layout does seem awkward at first glance but it is designed that as you sit at 90 degrees to your pupil (COVID friendly) that you are both looking at your side correctly. If you were side by side say at a desk, it would appear wrong. There is a link to a video https://youtu.be/2OuVM-bKOGU that can help you. Enjoy and hope you find this informative. If you have any other questions please contact us.

  109. VIMAL PARMAR (verified owner)

    Excellent lesson planner – helps to structure a lesson.
    The information and diagrams are easy to understand and very useful.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thank you so much Vimal for the kind words

  110. Talib K. (verified owner)

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thank you for your review Talib

  111. Peter (verified owner)

    I think it would be better in a hard folder.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Peter, Thank you for your review. The decision to use the cover format we did was difficult. We wanted something that could be easily updated. So many planners cannot be updated forcing the purchaser to buy a new one or work with one thats out of date. We think the ability to be able to send simple updates as they happen will suit more people. Of course a perfect solution would have been an updatable but hard back cover but we’ve never been able to source one yet, we’ll keep trying though. Cheers

  112. Steve Ridley

    As an Ordit registered trainer im certainly going to reccomend it as a training aid as its set up to cover the DVSA syllabus and will be a valuable tool to help them to deliver a quality structued client centred lesson which delivers value for money time after

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Steve and high praise indeed coming from such an experienced ORDIT instructor trainer. There is a new book coming on the complete guide to instructor training so keep your eyes peeled.

  113. Victoria M. (verified owner)

    Arrived in good time and is very clear and broad in content.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thank you for your review Victoria

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thank you for your review!

  115. Donna Renwick (verified owner)

    Superb investment

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thank you for such a nice comment Donna

  116. Philip Lamplugh (verified owner)

    Excellent well thought out planner

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks for the review Philip

  117. joe delaney (verified owner)

    great product and seller

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Joe. Enjoy the Planner

  118. Neil White (verified owner)

    This Lesson Planner (LP) deserves a 5 out of 5 but I’ve given it a 4 for positive reasons. (I WANT MORE).

    As a PDI, this is a well thought out LP with the spin of using/having the GROW module being placed within lessons (the 1st LP I’ve seen having a learning module being shown within it).
    But I feel (to get a 5) it would help, if a couple of short videos from 2 or 3 or all of the training objectives were made available from your website to give us a combined idea explaining how the involvement of “transfer of knowledge”, “main objectives”, “Dave’s top tips” and “debrief” are involved and put together for a more concrete understanding of its meaning within a lesson.

    We all have our different ways of best learning and for me the “penny generally drops” when I see a video of it shown rather than just reading it. The two together would be ideal.

    Hope this helps


    Neil White

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Hi Neil, thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you like the Lesson Planner and the way the GROW model has been incorporated. Adding accompanying video content for the LP is something I’m looking into, and we already have a growing bank of free-to-watch videos on our YouTube channel. The LP already comes free with extra downloadable content but we’re always looking at ways of adding value to you.

      As you say, everybody has their own learning style, which is why I’m starting to turn my attention towards an Online Learning System for 1st 4 Driving pupils, so they can continue the learning from home, or refamiliarise themselves with something they may have learnt in their lesson.

      Update 26/03/2021: I’ve recorded a quick tutorial video for those who have bought a lesson planner. You can watch it by clicking here.

      Enjoy the Planner

  119. Carlyne Beauchamp (verified owner)

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks for the enjoy Carlyne. Enjoy the Lesson Planner.

  120. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Great book, efficient service 5*

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Jeanette!

  121. Satish J. (verified owner)

    Fantastic book, helps me on all aspects of my driving instructing.

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks for the review Satish. The Lesson Planner is indeed designed to cover the whole DVSA syllabus! Happy teaching.

  122. Cigdem Ibili (verified owner)

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Cigdem. Enjoy the Lesson Planner.

  123. Ian KINGDON (verified owner)

    Great product, brought it to show new people in the trade how to tailor their lesson plan when coaching. Cheers Dave

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Great, thanks Ian. This Planner is perfect for PDIs and ADIs. Enjoy!

  124. Mark Chapman (verified owner)

    This planner is the best i’ve come across, been looking for something like this for years so clear and precise. A must for every lesson, brilliant work Mr Foster!

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Mark, great to hear from you. Enjoy the lesson planner when we go back to work.

  125. Natalie Sjoholm

    Amazing book. Helps you step by step in what you need for each lesson! Diagrams are clear and to help the learner that you can use dry wipe pens and wipe off. Very much focuses on the help needed for your part3/standards check!

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks so much Natalie. One of the main aims with the Lesson Planner was to help people through their part 3/standards checks. Enjoy!

  126. Dave Knapton

    By far the best lesson planner out there, clear, detailed and easy to use, it’s a pass Dave

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks so much David. I know you were using my original planner that helped you pass your original part 3 what must be over 10 years now. Glad you like it.

  127. Scott

    Great product with detailed lesson plans and diagrams. Perfect for my pupils and great value for money!

    • Dave Foster (store manager)

      Thanks Scott!

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