Lesson Planner Update – Highway Code H2 2022

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Unlike others on the market, the Lesson Planner is put together with a durable 40-pocket folder that allows the Planner to be updated over time as new rules, regulations and technologies are introduced.

This update covers the H2 update to the Highway Code, which came into effect at the end of January 2022.

Two pages have been updated:

  • Page 7 (Routines) to include a Hierarchy of Road Users diagram
  • Page 31 (Junctions Approaching) now includes a diagram demonstrating a pedestrian attempting to cross at a junction when turning left
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The update includes visual references and prompts that will make teaching this subject easier.

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6 reviews for Lesson Planner Update – Highway Code H2 2022

  1. Asim Mujeeb (verified owner)

    The Lesson Planner Update – Highway Code H2 2022 is a commendable initiative in driver education and road safety. It offers an improved learning experience, up-to-date content, and enhanced interactivity, benefiting both driving instructors and learners. The focus on road safety is particularly laudable, as it contributes to safer roads and better-informed drivers.

  2. Murray Stead (verified owner)


  3. Haley Briggs (verified owner)

    A simple but complete update – well worth the 97p!!!!!

  4. Mohammed Khan (verified owner)

  5. r Ravi kumar (verified owner)


  6. Mark Chapman (verified owner)

    Great quick response to the highway code update thank you

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