Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a GOOD Driving Instructor


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371-page Paperback Book for driving instructors striving to be the best.

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Don’t just become a driving instructor, become a GOOD driving instructor! Written by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI who’s been in the industry for over 23 years. From learner to fleet trainer and instructor trainer to delivering diversionary courses for the police (you know, those dreaded speed awareness courses).
The book looks at many of the problems as well as practical advice on how to become a GOOD driving instructor.
This book will cover the following and more:

✅Realistically what can you earn

✅Job satisfaction and prospects

✅The types of driving schools

✅Driving instructors stories

✅Do driving schools really supply cars

✅So, why not free training!

✅What can go wrong

✅Are all driving schools the same

✅Chapters on:

    • The training
    • Working as a driving instructor
    • Your business
    • Good pedagogy
    • Building your own school



ISBN-13: 979-8866861767

Page size: A5

Format: Paperback Book

Pages: 371

Dispatched from: Callington, Cornwall



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