Pass Plus

In order to deliver Pass Plus, all you need is to be a qualified ADI. Your first, and subsequent, Pass Plus packs can be obtained by logging on to your Integrated Register of Driver Trainers (IRDT) site, explained later, or by calling the DSA Pass Plus unit. Pass Plus is a road safety initiative started in Nov 1995.

The Pass Plus scheme was introduced to help newly qualified young drivers gain valuable driving experience and reduce the risk of them being involved in an accident. It is a structured syllabus that must be adhered to in order for the insurance discounts to be given. It is a good idea to tell your pupils about Pass Plus right from the start. Talk to them throughout their lessons mentioning what you will cover when they pass and how Pass Plus can help. Many instructors fail at the first hurdle by never really mentioning it until the pupil passes. Pass Plus is a minimum of six hours and covers such things as motorways, adverse weather and night driving to name a few. It can be done over one day or split into smaller bites. It is really up to what your pupil wants. On completion you fill in a form that is sent to the DSA who sends the pupil a certificate.