Part 3: Instructional Ability

The instructional (teaching) ability test is the last of three parts you will need to pass before you can register as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), and you must have already passsed Part Two in order to take your Part Three.

The Part 3: Driving Instructor Teaching Ability test is designed to assess your ability to recognise the needs of your pupil and effectively communicate the required information by assessing your

  • Core Competencies
    • identifying and prioritising faults
    • analysing and explaining those faults
    • providing instruction to correct those faults
  • Instructional Techniques
    • planning and controlling the lesson
    • matching the level of instruction to the pupil’s experience and ability
    • communicate effectively with the pupil through questions and answers, as well as giving feedback and encouraging the pupil.
  • Instructor Characteristics
    • you should have a relaxed and friendly manner without becoming overly familiar
    • display confidence and share that confidence with your pupil in a patient and tactful manner

Many instructors find they fail part three when they are not taught using the correct methods. A little research and you will soon find many examples of both small and large schools letting down trainees with poor training methods. Our trainer, Dave Foster, completed a Masters degree in Driver Training Education in order to excel at communicating the required knowledge, skills and attitude required to develop safe and skilled drivers, techniques that he then passes down to the instructors he trains.

You will be taught fault finding methods and the correct analysis and remedial action for all of these faults. You will be shown the latest ‘client centred’ coaching methods that the DVSA are now looking for in their assessments. Many schools are not yet teaching these methods. Dave Foster attended the University of East London to study these methods from the experts themselves in order to cascade these techniques you.

To stand the best chance of passing, you’ll need to be thoroughly prepared. You must pass within a maximum of three attempts, no longer than two years after passing the part one theory. This means good preparation is essential, as failure means starting the whole process again with the part one theory test.

We are experts in this test and can ensure you pass as easily as possible using our proven techniques.
You have already proved you have the knowledge and the skill in the other two parts of the qualification process, now you just have to be able to successfully communicate this knowledge and skill to your learners.

We recommend your Part Three: Instructional Ability training be taken as a 40 hour course in order to fully prepare you, however you can choose to train on a pay as you go basis of four-hourly sessions charged at an hourly rate. In either case, training will proceed at your own pace and fit around your schedule.

As with all our courses if you would like to meet your trainer (not a salesman) and have an informal chat to ask any question from someone who is out there doing the job, then please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you.

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