Offers are a fact of life if you want your pupils to choose your advert. If the pupil already knows you then in theory it is a done deal but what if they do not and you are putting out an advert. Yes if they are looking for a specific type of lesson and you have a niche market then you might be ok but for the run of the mill pupil you will always need an offer.

Now don’t run away thinking I am promoting 10 lessons for £99.00 or anything like that, although these offers can have a place. For example, if you are trying to build a diary quickly and get some Social Media testimonial to build the business. The best offer is a short term offer designed to get the pupil who does not know you into the driving seat. These will be the pupils who have not had anyone recommended by their friends or family and quite frankly do not know who to choose. If they did they would not be trawling the internet. These pupils you have one hit to make them book online or call you and you need a catchy little offer or deal for them. It is a great idea to theme your offers. Christmas special or Friday madness for example can work quite well. I have always been a fan of the 1st 2 hours for £20 or even £10. This is a very short term offer that gives you a pupil and little commitment for your pupil. Often pupils do not want long term deals in case they do not like the instructor and have to sit with them for ten or more hours.