Your mobile phone message

Under the data protection act[1] we all have a duty to ensure that information given out is going to the correct person. To ensure that messages are left on the correct person’s voice mail you should ensure you have

[1] Data protection act 1998; The Data Protection Act is mandatory. It is essential therefore that YOUR-COMPANY fully complies with it… not just to avoid prosecution and bad publicity, but to demonstrate to customers that YOUR-COMPANY operates with due diligence and responsibility. Also bear in mind that a breach of the act can lead to claims for compensation.

recorded a professional message on your answerphone. This is probably going to be your pupil’s first contact with you. Your message should say something like the following;

“Hello this is Fred Smith from 1st 4 Driving
Sorry I cannot take your call right now as I am on a lesson
If you leave your name and number I will get straight back to you as soon as I can; thank you for calling.”

Some of you might like to omit your surname if you are worried about unsolicited contact later on. For this reason we have omitted the surnames of female members of staff in our office.