Late notice tests

Often the phone will ring and the caller will announce they have a test next week or in three days ‘can you take them?’ The reasons they give are varied and range from ‘my normal instructor has a double booking’ ‘my instructor has let me down’ etc. Short notice test ‘can’ be a bit suspect. However, they can also be the start of something good. Many schools have a minimum amount of lessons system before they will take on this short notice tests. I have also seen many instructors do a simple assessment and be able to book semi intensives in before the test or be able to postpone the test. Maybe they are ready and the reason is genuine. Often because you have given such swift service, they will be the ones telling everyone about how good you are. One of the 1st 4 Driving associates in Cornwall recently did a short notice test. The man passed and six referrals came because of it. Now that is good business!

Do not commit to a test without having an assessment lesson first and check the driving licence thoroughly!


I was chased by a driver once in a large van who pulled up behind me in a car park and asked me to take him for his test in three days’ time. I was offered a large sum of money but I declined, and no, he was not using L plates or had a supervising driver in his sign written works van!!