How to train 
driving instructors:
The complete guide

Want to start training driving instructors?

Have you always wanted to train other driving instructors but don't know where to start?


Do you want to expand your own driving school, but need a bit of help and support?


Are you lacking the confidence to start training on your own?


Been looking at training courses but getting put off by the eye-popping costs?


You'll love our complete step-by-step Trainer package. It's




Introducing the complete guide

Part of the Trainer's Pack, the 76-page guide How to Train Driving Instructors: The Complete Guide incorporates every single step of the training process with sessions pre-prepared for your trainees and worksheets for them to fill out as part of the reflection process.


Following a DVSA-approved structure comprehensively spanning all 3 parts of the ADI training process, this guide will give you everything you need for a complete, hollistic training experience and is designed to enhance both your skill as a trainer as well as your trainee's chances of becoming an ADI.

Two packs. One for you, one for your trainee.

Comprehensive online training system

We've curated a revolutionary system that allows trainees to do much of their training from home** and you'll be able to monitor their progress with your own higher-access login, included in the Trainer Pack.


The online training system incorporates quizzes, written information and video content to give your trainee a unique learning experience.


Modules are built around a DVSA-approved structure and trainees can track their progress through the modules within the user-friendly interface.

Reflective Workbook

As well as the Complete Guide, the Trainer Pack includes a special Trainer's Copy of the Reflective Workbook.


This 72-page workbook covers all three parts of the training process and allows your trainee to reflect on their training between your in-car sessions.


The optional Trainee Extension Pack includes a copy that can be filled in by your trainee.

Join an exclusive network of trainers

When you purchase the Trainer Pack you'll get access to regular coaching calls with Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI via Zoom.


You'll also join an exclusive network of like-minded driving instructor trainers across the country in our closed Facebook group.


This will allow you to join debates and ask questions about anything from test tips to training methods and support.

Online part 1 training

Full online part 1 training is included with the Trainee Extension Pack* (sold separately)


  • - Your trainee will get their own unique access to our industry-leading theory test training app
  • - Extensive bank of multiple-choice questions for your trainee to practice from
  • - CGI and real-life hazard perception clips, just like those in the real test

Produced with expertise

Put together by the highest-qualified driving school owner in the country, these packages are the result of over 20 years' research and experience with tried and tested methods.


How to Train Driving Instructors by Dave Foster Ma, Dip.DI gives you the keys to unlock the secrets to successful driving instructor training using Master's Degree-level research.


Read more about us here

We're the best in the business

Dave Foster is already one of the highest qualified driving instructor and instructor trainers, in the UK. His experience and knowledge base are exceptional.


Professor Peter Russell


Institute of Driver Education & Research

Dave is unquestionably one of the most highly qualified driver trainers in the UK and has a real a passion and drive for improving the quality of standards within our Industry. I would recommend Dave Foster to any organisation within the driver training industry.


Colin Knight

Head of Fleet Safety & Compliance

Clancy Group

Having been privileged to see Dave delivering ADI training I can confirm that his coaching is of the highest standard.


Peter Culbert

Driver Training Consultant

Driving Innovation


Two decades of experience passed on to you and your trainees

"Those that know me will know that I've spent over 20 years working in the driver training industry. with my specialist field being the training of driving instructors.


Back in 2010 when I completed my Masters Degree in Driver Training Education, I particularly looked at why the pass rate for becoming a driving instructor was so poor - yet my own was exemplary. Since then, I've trained many instructor trainers to go on to have similar success.

There's no secret to this other than remembering you're not teaching driving, but teaching teaching.


A History, Geography or English teacher are trained in how to teach. They then apply this to their specialist subject (that historically would be a degree). Driving instructor trainers need to teach teaching and show the trainee how to apply their subject (driving) to this. Traditionally, instructor trainers have tried to teach trainees how to fix specific faults. This is the equivalent of trying to tell a History teacher how to teach the Battle of Hastings.

For years I've been asked to produce a handbook on how to train trainees properly. Now I've released my simple and complete practical guide in a lesson-by-lesson format for you to follow. Each lesson is detailed in what to teach and why. The format follows the Reflective Workbook that all my trainees and trainers use. This helps you meet the requirements of the DVSA as they look to introduce a reflective logbook system.

If you're looking to get into instructor training or looking to improve your knowledge or skill then this is a must have for you.


My CPD has cost me over £20,000. You’re getting much of that knowledge condensed for a fraction of the price."



Join the instructor training revolution

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*Trainee Extension pack sold separately

** Trainee access to Online Training System sold separately as part of Trainee Extension Pack. Max one pupil per pack.