Who Are DTE-Elite?

But Everyone Claims to be The Best…

DTE-Elite was set up in the interest of excellent quality training. Yes, we know every driving school says the same but can they back it up? DTE-Elite certainly can.

Firstly, look who it is run by. It is run by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, who is probably the most qualified driving instructor trainer in the country.

Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI

image of Dave Foster MA Dip,DI
I don’t always wear this dress, honest!

“I started off as a driving instructor who like so many, received some very poor training. Oh, they claimed to be the best but the reality is that the training was very poor. I can say that now confidently, because since becoming a driving instructor, I looked deeply into the training and why it was so bad. Why was it that the pass rate for the Part 2 (the ‘Ability to Drive’) test was around 48% and the Part 3 (the ‘Ability to Teach’) was under 30%? In fact, your overall chances of actually qualifying were less than 7%. Something not widely advertised, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out why.

So what did I do? Firstly, I became a qualified teacher, and not just for driving. I i decided to attend night school to take my certificate in teaching. I wanted to know what was needed to become a good teacher. I took many other incidental qualifications too, but then I decided to hone my school by working for what was one of the industry’s worst offenders for poor instructor training. That was an eye opener. Nothing seemed to be about helping people pass, but rather just turning over the numbers as fast as possible. There would be complaints from my clients asking why they couldn’t have lessons and why they were in the car with other clients of massively diverse levels. I found this shocking, but I could do little about it. At regional meetings, they did not seem to care.

I Know What I Am Talking About.

“I decided to find out more, but first I needed some authority on the subject, so I took my Master’s Degree at Middlesex University in this very subject. I undertook research into just why the pass rate was so low, and found that a number of factors were at play. Firstly, the training from schools followed no structure or system, and no two schools could agree on what was right or wrong. As well as this, nobody seemed to take a real interest in the examiner’s view. If their client failed, the usual excuses were rolled out; “It was the examiner’s fault because they were in a bad mood,” or “They changed the goal posts” yada, yada, yada. Rubbish! These trainers need to take responsibility for their failures and ask themselves, “What should I do differently next time?” I became the expert in my field.

This is how DTE-Elite came to be. The initials come from my Masters of Driver Training Education. My personal pass rate was in the high 90% and I wanted to cascade this out by training trainers to teach using these simple and successful methods and systems. Methods that unlock what YOU already know and make the entire process simple and successful. Your trainer will have had training from me, even if it was not me who rescued them when they were receiving poor training to become and ADI. They are either ORDIT registered or are in training to become registered. But most importantly, your success is so much higher on our agenda.

“There’s Cheaper Out There, Isn’t There?”

DTE-Elite trainers might not always appear to be the cheapest out there, after all, the additional training does not come cheap. It is the long term investment you need to look at, £500 cheaper might seem a lot but even £10 is wasted money if you get little or nothing for it. Like the saying goes, quality will cost a little bit more. DTE-Elite trainers and schools do often try to help out with short-term deals to help you out, but these deals are short-term and limited, as it means they have a vacancy and are turning away pupils, so grab one when it comes along quickly…

“Nobody Told Me About The Hidden Charges.”

The forums are rife with schools providing poor training and not providing pupils (yes, that’s the cheaper training schools). Their franchise fees and hidden additional terms are shocking, but a simple search on your favourite search engine will find this for you. Make sure you search for me too, I might be telling you a pack of lies. Search for Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI and do let me know if you find anything bad 😉

In short, DTE-Elite was set up for you and has a pedigree that can back up its claims of quality. Few others can, and those can be counted on one hand, meaning they are normally they are booked through until next year. Again, an internet search will reveal who they are.

All That Glitters is Not Gold.

To summarise, do your research, do your homework and look at the bigger picture. All that glitters is not gold, so check out those claims and look for the quality – after all, this for you, for your family, and something you want to last for your life. It is a serious investment for your future