Good diary planning

It is a good idea to try and get your pupils booked in for a regular slot each week. This avoids confusion and missed lessons. This can be changed at the pupils request if needs be. Keep one slot open per week for your driving tests. I used to keep Friday at 3.27 test slot free and 99% of pupils could do their test then. Try to fit pupil’s lessons in with their college or University lessons, perhaps picking them up from home and dropping them at their college etc. Plan your diary to help minimise dead mileage, wherever possible keeping locations and appointments close. Always allow 30 minutes between lessons. This gives you time if a lesson over ran or you needed a tea break or ‘pit stop.’ Don’t forget to allow for a proper lunch and tea breaks, it may seem obvious but many instructors forget these things and your quality of life will soon disappear.

Don’t forget to allow at least ½ an hour for tea breaks and lunch!