Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be a great way of promoting your business especially around Christmas etc. Producing a nice looking voucher to give to parents and pupils can be really nice and something tangible to use. However, they will not work IF you do not tell people about them. Display them on your website ahead of Christmas and use a campaign to tell people what you are doing. This is where leaflets can help to by giving them to pupils and distributing them to publicise the vouchers. I would not necessarily drop the price for the vouchers but would offer something extra like a free Highway Code or some book be imaginative. I once knew an instructor who offered a free pot of marmalade, yes marmalade!!! Is was so unusual parents loved it and it was something he made himself. I often like to look at magazines for the adverts to see how original some are and how I can use them for my associates. Our associates have access to some very nice vouchers to give to their pupils and yes, they are free with the association. (