Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to become a driving instructor?

  • Like you, I thought redundancy was the end and I struggled to get a job. Being turned down for interviews because I was too far from London or they wanted university graduates.
  • I’d seen the adverts to become a driving instructor but thought, I can’t do that, not at my age.

The simple fact is, driving instructors are of every age can become a driving instructor.  In fact sometimes being older is a benefit as students often ask for a more mature, calmer and confident person. Young drivers expect their driving instructor to be a bit older. Although there are younger instructors, they sometimes must work a bit harder to gain that credibility. Driving instructors often carry on well into retirement ages too. I work with instructors who are into their 70’s, not that it’s compulsory!

frequently asked questions

Is the training too expensive?

  • The training looked complex and expensive, and no guarantees either. NOT TRUE if you use the right training company.

I know that £2000-£3000 is a lot to pay out but compared to that of a graduate at University or my own apprentices (£12,000 training fees Plus wages) it’s very good value. ALL the training fees go to the instructor who will be training you. An instructor who has taken time out and paid money to become an instructor trainer. In fact, the fees you pay will not always cover all the costs. As a driving school we subsidise those cost by paying the instructor trainer further monies. You yourself might become an instructor trainer too one day. We are so confident of the people we train we make some guarantees.

  • If we take you on for training, we guarantee you a position with one of our schools
  • If you fail the course (unlikely) we will give you your training fees back
  • Our schools will guarantee the number of pupils you will receive too

Is the training too difficult?

  • 80% of new driving instructors do not know this simple rule. Our training will help you avoid making the same mistake.

Everyday I see in some forum or other about how hard the training is. Well this has become my specialist chosen subject. I am one of a small handful of trainers who went as far as we could with training to really understand why so many trainers made it so difficult. I even went and got my Master’s degree in it. The training is NOT difficult, and it’s certainly not rocket science. You will not fail if you follow our simple guides and if you can drive a car and teach me how to make a cup of tea, then you can teach people to drive. You have experience in the work place, and this will be cascaded to your learners as valuable experience. Your skills are transferable to when you become a driving instructor.

Aren’t there too many driving schools?

  • There are too many driving schools out there, already right? Well no, there is and always will be a demand for driving lessons.

People learn to drive not matter what the government, recessions, boom weather or whatever. People want to learn to drive and always will. If I took my driving lessons and increased the price with inflation, the average driving lesson would be over £45. Today my schools charge between £26 and £32 an hour and I am continually raising this as our standards get better. Oh, and yes almost all my instructors have completely full diaries!!

Then there’s not just learners who need teaching. People search for driving lessons as refresher driving lessons or UK familiarisation to name a couple. I am always looking to train people to become driving instructor trainers as I prefer to train my instructors in house. You get that personal touch then and the training gets done properly. This is so often lost in the bigger schools.

It won’t suit me

  • Driving instructors come from all walks of life, we’ve trained Butchers, Bakers even a Candle maker!

Driving instructors come from every walk of life imaginable. From teachers to builders, University graduates to shop assistants. The list goes on. Keenness and a desire to help people is the main attribute. I look for good customer services and punctuality. I read stories everyday on social media where even the basic customer service seems to be missing.

Imagine having a job where, you can take time off to watch that important football match, cricket or the tennis or whatever else you like seasonal. A job that you are a respected member of the community, people search for you and trust you. Well that’s the role of a driving instructor.