Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the idea of changing your career and changing your life for the better requires some serious consideration and can be incredibly compelling. The list of questions in your head are endless, the doubt, the uncertainty, it can be overwhelming. There are so many frequently asked questions that come with every enquiry we receive.

This is where we come in and fix that for you. We have compiled a list of answers to all your questions about driving instructor training to ensure you’re making an informed decision on what is best for you.

⏰How long will it take?

This is a very common question. The training process typically can take between 6-8 months. This can vary, dependant on test availability and your own availability but on average you can expect to be on a trainee licence within 3-4 months and then the trainee licence is issued for 6 months but you can take and pass your part three test within this time.

⏳What are the typical working hours?

As a self-employed driving instructor, you get to choose exactly which days and what hours you’d like to work. Each driving lesson is usually 2 hours long so you can structure your day around this. Typically, an instructor will do their first lesson 8am-10am, then 10.30am-12.30pm for their second lessons and then take an hour for lunch. In the afternoon, their typical hours would be a 1.30pm-3.30pm lesson and then a 4pm-6pm lesson to finish the day off. You can of course start and finish earlier or later depending on what works best for you and your schedule, this is just an example of a few instructors diary structures.

😟 Is the training difficult?

Most of the training is stuff you’ve already done. The part one test is just like the theory test you would have taken when learning to drive yourself. The part two test is the exact same as a driving test except it goes on for a little longer (1 hour rather than 40 minutes) and you are allowed fewer driving faults (6 rather than 15). Part three is where it gets slightly trickier. The part three training is certainly not rocket science, however we have everything you need to guide you through. If you can drive a car and teach me how to make a cup of tea, you can teach people how to drive (unless you’re a milk before water kind of person 🤮).

🧓🏻Am I too old to become a driving instructor?

The simple fact is, driving instructors are of every age and anyone over 21 can become a driving instructor.  In fact sometimes being older is a benefit as students often ask for a more mature, calmer and confident person. Young drivers expect their driving instructor to be a bit older. Although there are younger instructors, they sometimes must work a bit harder to gain that credibility. Driving instructors often carry on well into retirement ages too. I work with instructors who are into their 70’s, not that it’s compulsory!

👷🏻‍♂️ Can I still work whilst training?

Another popular frequently asked question is this. Now, we understand you’ve got to keep food on the table while taking your training. Luckily, you will start earning money while you’re still training. The ‘pink’ trainee licence allows you to begin your new job as a driving instructor while you are still training. You will be teaching pupils and giving driving lessons to prepare yourself for the part three test where you will be assessed on your ability to teach. In the meantime, part one training can all be done online from home and your part two training sessions can be scheduled around your availability.

💸 When will I start earning money?

As previously mentioned, you can begin to earn money from this job while you’re still training. After you have passed your part one and part two test (doable in 3 months) you will be required to undergo 40 hours of part three training. These 40 hours can be taken online, via zoom calls, watching YouTube videos, completing the ‘DTE-Elite My Training’ course online. Some of these hours will also be taken in car with your trainer. Once you have 40 hours accounted for, you can apply for your trainee licence which will allow you to start working and earning money as a driving instructor.

frequently asked questions

💰 How much will driving instructor training cost me?

We are currently offering the full training from £1,600 *subject to area*. This includes the part one online training resources, part two training delivered both in car and online and the full part three training. Our training course includes in excess of 102 hours of training. Taken via zoom coaching calls, online training and in car training. It does exclude the test and badge fees. The part one test is £81 and the part two and three tests are £111 each. A trainee licence will cost £140 and a full ADI badge will cost £300. This may seem like a lot to you but it’s an investment worth making to reap the benefits of this rewarding career.

🚗 Is the car included?

A frequent question we get is about the car. We can help with leasing a car through one of our highly recommended suppliers. They are an excellent car leasing company who will assist you in finding the right car for you. They offer both brand new and almost new cars, perfect for teaching people to drive in. If you already have a suitable car you would like to use, you can get it fitted with dual controls.

📅 How do I keep my diary full of pupils?

At 1st 4 Driving, we receive such a high demand for driving lessons each day. (1st 4 Driving is our driving school, DTE-Elite is our instructor training program). We have to turn away so many people as our instructors are always so busy with full diaries. We could fill at least four more diaries in each area we cover with the sheer level of enquires we receive. What we need is you, to come and take on some of these pupils we’re having to let down. As a result of our highly ranked websites and marketing skills, we will have pupils ready and waiting for you each time you need a top up.

🤝🏻 What’s included in the franchise?

The franchise will officially commence from the date you qualify, however you will be using the franchise services before you even start teaching and will start paying the franchise fee from the week following your trainee licence commencement. Included in your franchise, you will receive full livery for your car, a diary full of pupils, full time office support from our dedicated staff, full support from me, Dave Foster. The franchise also includes Public Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. The benefits to our franchise are endless and i only have space to list a small bunch!

👔 What if the job doesn’t suit me?

Driving instructors come from every walk of life imaginable. From teachers to builders, University graduates to shop assistants. The list goes on. Eagerness, passion and a desire to help people is the main attribute. I look for good customer service skills and punctuality. I read stories everyday on social media where even the basic customer service seems to be missing.

Imagine having a job where, you can take time off for a loved ones birthday, that special event, or for plans you just can’t get out of, even if you wish you could! A job where you are a respected member of the community, people search for you and trust you. Well that’s the role of a driving instructor. People’s lives are changed by receiving their driving licence and you make that possible for them, it can get emotional watching the pure excitement and joy on your pupils face when they pass their driving test after you’ve been on such a journey with them You feel pride, fulfilment and share that joy with them.

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