How much you can earn as a Driving Instructor

You may be considering a new career path and questioning the crucial factor of switching job roles: How much will I earn? Or perhaps you’re already a driving instructor wondering if you’re reaching your full potential? Let me show you exactly how much you can earn as a driving instructor and compare it to what you will also spend as a driving instructor. It’s no secret that this role comes with its expenses but let me break them down for you and show you how much bigger the earnings are in comparison, making this job worth every penny!

How much you can earn as a driving instructor

In this guide, I will give you 3 different case studies for different driving instructors that work different hours, factor in the expenses, account for holidays and be fully transparent with you about how much you can earn as a driving instructor. This will of course vary between different schools and companies etc. However, this guide will give you an estimated idea on the average costs and outgoings.

Case Study 1 – Kevin’s 40-hour week

In this case study, we analyse Kevin’s earnings from working a 40-hour week taking £40 per hour for each lesson. Below is Kevin’s schedule

Kevin's schedule

Here, you can see Kevin is working 8 hours a day with 30 minute gaps in between each lesson. Some instructors may tweak this schedule to give themselves an hour for lunch making their last 2 slots 13.30-15.30 and then 16.00-18.00. This is entirely up to personal preference and allows you to still earn the same amount of money.

By working these hours, Kevin is earning £320 a day, £1,600 a week, and a staggering £83,200 a year! Now don’t forget there will be deductions but we’ll get to those at the end of this guide.

Case Study 2 – Karen’s 30-hour week

Looking for shorter days? Need more flexibility with your hours? Don’t worry! There’s still plenty of earning potential with a 30-hour week on £40 per hour! Karen wanted a later start so she could do the morning school run and then finished at 5 to pick them up from a friends/after school club. Therefore she works the following hours:

Karen's schedule

By working these hours, Karen allows herself the flexibility she needs to work around her home life and still earns £240 a day, £1,200 a week and an impressive £62,400 a year! Not bad for someone that only has to work 6 hours a day🤭

Again, Karen will need to deduct her weekly outgoings from this figure however the comparison between how much you spend and how much you can earn as a driving instructor will make these deductions seem miniscule.

Case Study 3 – Sarah’s 20-hour week

Sarah has young children in school and can only work within the hours they’re at school. With no family or friends available to help her, Sarah must fit her working hours around her children. Luckily, she’s a driving instructor so she can do this! By working only 4 hours a day, here is what Sarah’s working day looks like:

Sarah's schedule

Working a 20 hour week gives Sarah flexibility required to care for her children (being self employed she can also book as much school holiday time off as she wants and make it to every sports day/school play). Not only does Sarah have job flexibility, she is earning £160 a day, £800 a week, and a very comfortable £41,600 a year! All from working just 4 hours a day, some people work double those hours for the same amount of money🤯

The Deductions

Now it’s no surprise that this job comes with its expenses. But comparatively, they’re not as high as you would think! Let’s have a look at what Kevin, Karen and Sarah can expect to spend as driving instructor to therefore workout exactly how much you can earn as a driving instructor, with varied working hours.

Of course, there are some varying factors to these figures, for example:

  • If you’re working less hours, you’ll use less petrol
  • Car leases can vary depending on the length of the agreement and what make/model/age car you go for
  • Insurance quotes can be cheaper if you pay annually rather than monthly and will also depend on what car you have.
  • Franchise Fees are different depending on your contract length and lesson price, this is just a rough figure however you can get an exact quote on what your franchise fee with 1st 4 Driving would be by contacting us.

Kevin’s Deductions:

On average, Kevin’s weekly spends are:

  • Petrol: £80 per week
  • Car Finance: £95 per week
  • Car Insurance: £11.50 per week
  • Franchise Fee: £105.60 per week

These total at £292.10 a week, including 4 weeks holiday that makes Kevin’s total annual income, £62,779.20 a year!

Karen’s Deductions:

Because Karen works less hours, she spends lesson petrol. Making her spending for the week:

  • Petrol: £70 per week
  • Car Finance: £95 per week
  • Car Insurance: £11.50 per week
  • Franchise Fee: £105.60 per week

Karen’s weekly total comes to £282.10, putting her annual earnings as a driving instructor, after taking 4 weeks holiday, £44,059.20!

Sarah’s Deductions:

Sarah only works 20 hours a week, therefore her car doesn’t use as much petrol and she can get away with using her own car for work as she isn’t adding as many miles to it. Therefore, Sarah’s weekly outgoings are:

  • Petrol: £50 per week
  • Car Insurance: 11.50 per week
  • Franchise Fee: £105.60 per week

Totalling at £167.10 a week! As a result of this, Sarah earns £30,379.20 a year with 4 weeks holiday accounted for!

How much money you can earn as a driving instructor


Everyone has to pay income tax . As a self-employed driving instructor, you will need to ensure you’re paying your tax at the end of each financial year. A lot of instructors will hire an accountant to help them with this. However, you can predict how much tax you’ll need to pay by using a tax calculator. This can help you budget throughout the year and get a clearer idea of how much money you’ll have earned by the end of the year.

To conclude

There’s no denying that becoming a driving instructor will massively boost your income. The earning potential is insane and an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out on. So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your potential by enquiring today. Now you know how much you can earn as a driving instructor, you’d be crazy not to get started!

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