How to fill out the DBS check form to become an ADI

  1. To start you would need this link;
  2. Once you have clicked the link, you will get this page;image of dbs check form
  3. You then have to click START NOW.
  4. It will then come up with 4 questions that you need to answer. These are multiple choice.
  5. Once you have successfully answered the questions, it should come up with this page;image of dbs check form filled out part 1
  6. If your screen looks like the screenshot above then you have successfully completed the first stage.
  7. At the bottom of the page that you are on it says; Get a criminal record check to become an ADI. Click on that link.
  8. It should then look like this;
  9. You will need to scroll down to the before you start section before clicking the start now button. This help you out a lot when carrying on to the next stage.
  10. It shows you the organisation pin, secret word, organisation name and tells you what you need in your hand before you go ahead on to carrying on. You will need this screen shot if you do not scroll down;image of dbs check part 2
  11. This is needed to be able to fill out the next screen which will look like the screen shot below.image of dbs check part 4
  12. As you can see, i have filled the form as it asks you too but i have made up the details.image of dbs check part 5
  13. You will need to look at this before completing the form.image of dbs check part 6
  14. You will now need to fill out all fields that apply to you and have a * next to it. image of dbs check part 7I can’t go any further but all you would have to do is fill out the form and follow the steps until you are done. If you have any problems email me on