Our driving instructor training course

There's nobody better to train you

With a training programme put together incorporating over 20 years' experience, Master's Degree level research and countless other qualifications, why would you go anywhere else for your driving instructor training?

The DTE-Elite training package

Part 1 - theory

Training to becoming a driving instructor is split up into three parts, though in some cases we're able to work through multiple parts at the same time.


Much of the Part 1 training is done online using our app. This can be accessed via a computer or mobile app.


The ADI Part 1 test is a theory test that incorporates multiple-choice questions with the hazard perception test, much like the test your learners will have to take.

Part 2 - driving

The second part of becoming a driving instructor is a test of your driving ability. 


Here you will demonstrate to the examiner the correct standard for driving - the standard you will be teaching really soon!


Your Part 2 and 3 training will be done locally with the same trainer, who you'll be in close contact with the whole time.

Part 3 - instruction

By this point we'll have you on a shiny new pink trainee licence, meaning you can earn while you learn as a trainee driving instructor.


During this time, you'll be learning from your experience in lessons as well as having regular sessions with your trainer. You'll also be engaging with our online training system, which will help you through all parts of the training.


Your eventual test will have an examiner sat in the back of one of your lessons.

The trainee licence

One of the biggest reasons to come to us for your driving instructor training is the benefit of learning on a trainee licence.


With our franchise packages, you'll get the perfect blend of elite driving instructor training and a support network to help you start your new career.


We'll source pupils for you and book them around your availability.

You'll also get...

COVID Update!

Since lockdown restrictions have been eased, we've seen an unprecedented demand for driving lessons. 1st 4 Driving and its associate schools are turning away literally hundreds of pupils.


Every. Single. Day


Our various marketing channels are constantly picking up an immense amount of pupils that we are unable to take on - and this is the same right across the industry.


In April 2021, the DVSA estimated that there were almost half a million people waiting for a driving test alone, with even more people turning 17 in 2020 or now looking to learn to drive.


There has literally never been a better time to train to become a driving instructor