Driving Instructor Training in Truro

Looking for a new career? Not really sure which path to go down? Well you’ve stumbled across the perfect path to embark on an exciting and rewarding new career! You may be looking for a new career as you’re fed up with doing the same thing every day. Day in, day out, always the same. You may be fed up with being stuck in a job that has no flexibility to suit your life-style. Or, you may just be ready for an exciting new adventure!

Driving instructor training in Truro

Why Driving Instructor Training in Truro is the answer:

For whatever reason you’re seeking change, becoming a driving instructor is an amazing new career to be pursuing. You may have been told ‘becoming a driving instructor is the best thing you could do’ ‘you should become a driving instructor’ but have you ever been told why? The benefits to partaking in driving instructor training are endless but let me tell you just a few…

📅No two days are the same

When you start teaching pupils on your trainee licence as a PDI, no two days are the same. So may people from different walks of life will get in your car and you’ll get to know all about each and every one of them as you guide them through their journey of learning to drive. Additionally, you will learn about their different learning styles, this is a valuable, transferrable skill which you’ll develop as a product of your driving instructor training in Truro.

🏆Earn yourself a rewarding career

There is no other joy like seeing your pupils face light up upon being told they’ve passed their test. Moreover, you will share their moments of victory when they’ve finally mastered the parallel park or driven on a dual carriageway for the first time. All your hard work and commitments to your pupils pays off as you know that your help, support and guidance is changing your pupils lives for the better.

🤸‍♀️Flexibility in your job

Never worry about missing an important birthday or event ever again once you’ve completed your driving instructor training in Truro. You get to choose your hours and which days/times you work, therefore allowing you to have complete control and flexibility over your time off.

💰High earning potential

Due to current climate and high demand for driving lessons, driving lesson prices have soared over the past few years. The earning potential for a driving instructor is the best it’s ever been. With our partnering school, 1st 4 Driving, you will take 100% of your lesson fees which is currently averaging £34 per hour. However, this will only continue to go up, increasing your earning potential.

That sounds great! What will the driving instructor training in Truro involve?

Driving instructor training in Truro with DTE-Elite offers you over 116 hours of training. Therefore, not only will you get your moneys worth for the driving instructor training you’ve paid for, you also get the highest quality of driving instructor training in Truro.

  • 🤝Introduction Units, (at least) 38 hours
  • 🚗Demonstration Units, 10-12 hours
  • 👀Observations Units, 20 hours
  • 🏡Home Study Units, 10 hours
  • 👩‍🏫Teaching Units, 10 hours
  • 🔍Coaching and Reflections, 20 hours
  • 🏛Regular, Weekly Zoom Calls, unlimited hours
  • 📚DTE-Elite Books and Resources, Lesson Planner (Gold Edition), 31 Complete Plans, Reflective Workbook.

Why pick DTE-Elite for my driving instructor training?

Successful, tailor-made training: Our driving instructor training in Truro is tailored to suit your learning style. Furthermore, we combine theoretical knowledge, practical driving skills and in-car training. Additionally, you’ll receive the valuable opportunity to observe your trainers real driving lessons. We also recognise that each individual learns differently, therefore our training is personalised to optimise your success.

📱Advanced technology and resources: With access to professionally developed resources and technology, you’ll stay at the forefront of innovation. Furthermore, we offer virtual driving simulations as well as interactive learning materials. Therefore, you are fully equipped with the essential skills required in your forthcoming career.

Driving instructor training resources

🖐Hands-on learning: The theoretical side of your training is extremely important however, we place a high level of importance on practical experience. Practical experience makes a great, solid foundation in becoming an outstanding driving instructor. As such, our training offers plentiful opportunities for practical training. Therefore enabling you to apply your knowledge in real-life situations under expert guidance of skilled instructors.

🎓Excellence in Driver Training Education: Here at DTE-Elite, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of driving instructor training in Truro. We take great pride in being renowned for our provision of top tier driving instructor training and resources. Our dedicated team of professionals will stand by your side at every stage of your journey, ensuring you receive nothing less than the highest standard of instruction.

3️⃣Dave’s Triple Guarantee

Another reason to pick DTE-Elite is our Triple Guarantee. Dave Foster, MA,Dip DI created this course with your best interests at heart. Therefore, he chose to make a promise to reassure and comfort each new trainee who may be feeling apprehensive about embarking on a totally new career path. Dave’s Triple Guarantee is as follows:

  1. I will give you your training fees back when you qualify*
  2. I will give you your training fees back ‘if’ you fail**
  3. I will guarantee you a job as a franchised driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving***
Guaranteed driving instructor training

How much will my driving instructor training cost?

At DTE-Elite, we hold a firm belief that your dreams and ambitions should not be hampered by financial constraints. Therefore, we’ve introduced a range of packages featuring flexible payment choices. Furthermore, these payment alternatives grant you the freedom to select the most fitting route to embark on your new career. To explore and choose the package and payment plan that works with your specific needs, simply click the button below👇