Driving Instructor Training in Taunton

🔓 Unlock the potential to a successful career

Feel like your 9-5 is getting you nowhere? Sick of the same cycle day in day out? Sounds like driving instructor training in Taunton is for you. Whether you’re only just stumbling across the idea for the first time or been considering it for a while, we’re here to show you exactly why you need to take driving instructor training in Taunton to become a driving instructor.

Why should I take driving instructor training in Taunton?

You may be seeking a fresh start or looking to take your career into a new direction. Becoming a driving instructor is such an exciting and rewarding path to explore. By taking driving instructor training in Taunton, you allow yourself to have freedom and flexibility in your work. The benefits don’t stop there, they keep on rolling 🏐

💰 High Earning Potential

As a driving instructor, the sky is your limit when it comes to your earning potential. With lesson prices broadcast to hit £40 an hour, and enough pupils enquiring to work 40 hours or more in a week… you don’t need to be a top mathematician to work out that’s a lot of money! As a 1st 4 Driving instructor, you’ll see 100% of the money you earn. (1st 4 Driving is our accompanying school)

🥇 Rewarding Career

Turning a nervous, unexperienced driver into a confident, safe and skilled driver who’s just passed their test fills you with utter joy and gratitude. Even being there to celebrate the small wins like perfecting a reverse bay park or finally mastering those pesky roundabouts! Each achievement your pupils makes is down to your support and dedication. As a driving instructor, you change peoples lives for the better and that in itself is an amazing reward for your hard work.

📅 No Two Days Are The Same

Towards the end of your driving instructor training in Taunton, you’ll begin teaching pupils yourself. This will be when you discover the diversity in this role. You’ll encounter so many individual people with different personalities, backgrounds, beliefs and learning styles. No two people who get in your car will be the same. Each day will present you with different challenges, different people and different experiences. It’s impossible to get bored of being a driving instructor!

💪 Flexibility in your career

Never miss a birthday, sports day or any other important event ever again. Becoming a driving instructor gives you complete control over your schedule. You can plan your diary to work around your life and your commitments. Need to do the school run? No worries🏃‍♂️ Got an important Birthday you don’t want to miss? You’re in luck🍰 Hair wash day? Get scrubbing🧼 There’s nothing you have to miss out on when you’re a driving instructor because you can choose exactly which days you work at what times.

What’s included in my Driving Instructor Training in Taunton?

By choosing us for your driving instructor training, you will gain access to an extensive training program. This program is filled with over 116 hours of training. Therefore, not only will you receive exceptional value, but you also receive the highest quality of driving instructor training in Taunton.

🤝 Introduction Units

  • 38 hours

🚗 Demonstration Units

  • 10-12 hours

👀 Observation Units

  • 20 hours

🏡 Home Study Units

  • 10 hours

👨‍🏫 Teaching Units

  • 10 hours

🔍 Coaching and Reflections

  • 20 hours

🏛 Annual Classroom Training

  • 6 hours per session

💻 Regular Zoom Calls

  • limitless hours

📖 DTE-Elite Books and Resources

  • Lesson Planner (Gold Edition)
  • 31 Complete Plans
  • Reflective Workbook
Driving instructor training resources

Why Take My Driving Instructor Training in Taunton with DTE-Elite?

There are many reason why your driving instructor training in Taunton would be more successful, efficient and profitable with us. Here’s a few…

🎓 Excellence in Driver Training Education

Here at DTE-Elite, we commit to providing the highest quality of driving instructor training in Taunton. With our school principle, Dave Foster MA.Dip.DI overseeing all training and constantly creating new courses, you’ll always be at the forefront of the most innovative training. We take great pride in running a driving school renowned for its provision of top tier driving instructor training and resources.

👔 Tailored Training

Our driving instructor training in Taunton is tailored to suit your learning style. Furthermore, we combine theoretical knowledge, practical driving skills and in-car training. Additionally, you’ll receive the valuable opportunity to observe your trainers real driving lessons. We also recognise that each individual learns differently, therefore our training is personalised to optimise your success.

📱 Advanced Technology and Resources

With access to professionally developed resources and technology, you’ll remain up to speed with innovation. Furthermore, we offer virtual driving simulations as well as interactive learning materials. Therefore, you will be fully equipped with the essential skills required in your forthcoming career.

🙌 Hands on Learning

Where the theory side of your driving instructor training in Taunton is important, we also firmly believe that practical experience is crucially important. Practical experience makes great, solid foundations in becoming an outstanding driving instructor. As such, our training offers plentiful opportunities for practical training. Therefore, enabling you to apply your knowledge in real life situations under expert guidance of skilled driving instructors.

How Much Will My Driving Instructor Training in Taunton Cost?

Nobody’s dreams and aspirations should be held back by financial strain. Therefore, we offer a selection of different payment plans for our discounted training prices. These payment packages provide you with the flexibility to select the most suitable path to initiate your exciting new career journey. Becoming a driving instructor in Taunton has never been easier! The button below will take you to our prices page 🥰