Driving Instructor Training in Plymouth

DTE-Elite is actively seeking aspiring driving instructors in Plymouth. At DTE-Elite, our primary aim is to assist driving instructors in becoming more professional, more profitable and more efficient. Therefore, there’s no better way to embark on your journey towards becoming the best driving instructor you can be than by learning from the best. Join us at DTE-Elite and let’s begin this educational adventure together!

Driving instructor training in Plymouth

Included in the course: Driving Instructor Training in Plymouth

Everyone wants to get their money’s worth from every purchase they make, right? Not only would you be receiving your moneys worth from the rewarding career that is being a driving instructor alone, you also get your money’s worth with the course itself. We have filled the course with over 116 hours of training. This ensures everything you could possibly need to become the best driving instructor you could be is included. It also ensures you are getting more than your moneys worth.

🤝Introduction Units🤝

  • You will receive (at least) 38 hours

🚗Demonstration Units🚗

  • You will receive 10-12 hours

👀Observational Units👀

  • You will receive 20 hours

🏡Home Study Units🏡

  • You will get 10 hours for this

👩‍🏫Teaching Units👩‍🏫

  • You will receive 10 hours

🎓Coaching Unit and Reflections🎓

  • You will get 20 hours for this

🏛Classroom Training Sessions🏛

  • 5-15+ hours will be provided

🖥Regular, weekly Zoom Calls🖥

  • These take place every week on a Wednesday.

📚DTE-Elite Books and Resources📚

You will be sent a Lesson Planner (Gold Edition), a 31 Complete Plans and also a Reflective Workbook. You will also have access to online resources.

Driving instructor training in Plymouth

What makes us the best school for Driving Instructor Training in Plymouth?

Bespoke training, made to guarantee success: Our driving instructor training in Plymouth is tailored to suit your learning style. Furthermore, employing a comprehensive approach, we combine theoretical knowledge, practical driving skills, and in-car training. Additionally, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to observe real driving lessons alongside your trainer, a feature that sets us apart from most other driving school. We recognise that individuality is paramount, therefore our training is personalised to optimise your potential for success.

🏆Excellence in Driver Training Education: Our commitment to providing the highest quality of driving instructor training in Plymouth is unwavering. We take pride in being renowned for our provision of top-tier driving instructor training and resources. Our dedicated team of professionals will stand by your side at every stage of your journey, ensuring that you receive nothing less than the highest standard of instruction. Once you complete your training, a secure job opportunity awaits you at 1st 4 Driving, the premier driving school for driving instructors (also run by Dave Foster)

📚Cutting Edge Resources and Technology at Your Fingertips: With access to professionally developed resources and technology, you’ll stay at the forefront of innovation throughout your driving instructor training journey. Furthermore, beyond interactive learning materials, we offer virtual driving simulations, equipping you with the essential skills required in your forthcoming career.

Hands-On Learning: While theory is important, we place a high level of importance on experience as the foundation of becoming an outstanding driving instructor. As such, our program offers abundant opportunities for practical training, enabling you to apply your knowledge in real-life situations under expert guidance of expert instructors.

😇Fulfilling Profession: Embracing the role of a driving instructor grants you the privilege of empowering learners with the essential skills and confidence to navigate the roads safely. Moreover, each day presents fresh challenges and the gratification of witnessing your pupils accomplishments. Through your dedication and support, they gain the independence to embark on a journey of their own.

Driving Instructor Training you can Trust

Embarking on a completely new career path can be intimidating and requires careful thought. However, our Triple Guarantee can help alleviate some of those apprehensions. When you decide to take this significant step toward a brighter future, rest assured that our triple guarantee will provide you with peace of mind.

  1. I will give you your training fees back when you qualify*
  2. I will give you your training fees back ‘if’ you fail**
  3. I will guarantee you a job as a franchised driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving***
Guaranteed driving instructor training in Plymouth

Driving Instructor Training in Plymouth Costs

We understand that at this stage of your interest in driving instructor training in Plymouth, your primary concern may be pricing. At DTE-Elite, we hold a firm belief that your dreams and ambitions should not be hampered by financial constraints. Therefore, we’ve introduced a range of packages featuring flexible payment choices. Furthermore, these payment alternatives grant you the freedom to select the most fitting route to embark on your new career. To explore and choose the package and payment plan that works with your specific needs, simply click the button below👇

Who will be my trainer in Plymouth?

Your trainer in Plymouth will be Gavin. Gavin completed his training with DTE-Elite and qualified as a driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving. Additionally, he is now expanding on his skills by providing driving instructor training in Plymouth. This is an opportunity that will also be available to you once you’ve qualified too! Throughout his time with 1st 4 Driving, Gavin has built a great reputation with his pupils who have gone on to pass their driving tests and additionally, left him glowing reviews.

And it couldn’t be easier to register interest!

To get started with your driving instructor training in Plymouth, simply fill out the form on our prices page to notify us of your interest. Following that, Jess will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and to kick start your journey to becoming a fully qualified driving instructor. We really appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you soon☺.