Driving Instructor Training in Exeter

⏰ Time for a change? Look no further than becoming a Driving Instructor!

Driving instructor training in Exeter will unlock your potential to having a job you love. A job you can be proud of. A job that will reward you in so many ways. When you choose a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life❤

Driving instructor training in Exeter

What’s to love about being a driving instructor?

🤸‍♀️ A Flexible Career

Take control of your life and choose when you work. Got a birthday, sports day, concert ticket or just want a day off? Not a problem! As a driving instructor, you get to choose exactly which days you work at what times. No need to ask for the day off or worry you may have to miss out due to work, just tell us you’re unavailable on that day and we’ll block it out! Never worry about missing anything again, FOMO will be a thing of the past👋

🤑 High Earning Potential

There has never been a higher demand for driving instructors as there is now! Once you’ve completed your driving instructor training in Exeter, you’ll become extremely popular, people will be fighting to get in that drivers seat of your car! As a driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving, you’ll see 100% of the money you earn on driving lessons which is currently £36 per hour! This is only expected to climb over time, you may even be on £40 per hour in the near future🤭

🏆 A Rewarding Career

Taking a pupil from being nervous to drive, having never sat behind the wheel before and turning them into a confident driver who just passed their driving test, is the greatest sense of accomplishment. You gave them that freedom they’ll have for the rest of their life. Watching their face light up upon receiving their pass certificate will fill you with sheer joy. Seeing the kind words your pupils have to say about you makes everything all worth it.

What does the driving instructor training in Exeter include?

When you enrol in driving instructor training in Exeter, you’ll gain access to an extensive training program comprising over 116 hours of driving instructor training. Not only will you receive exceptional value for your investment in driving instructor training, you will also receive the highest quality of driving instructor training in Exeter.

🤝 Introduction Units: at least 38 hours

🚗 Demonstration Units: 10-12 hours

👀 Observation Units: 20 hours

🏡 Home Study Units: 10 hours

👩‍🏫 Teaching Units: 10 hours

🔍 Coaching and Reflections: 20 hours

🖥 Regular Zoom Coaching Calls: unlimited hours

🏛 Annual Classroom Training Days: 6 hours per session

📚 DTE-Elite Books and Resources: Lesson Planner, 31 Complete Lesson Plans, Reflective Workbook

Driving instructor training resources

Why Choose us for your Driving Instructor Training in Exeter?

🎓 Excellence in Driver Training Education: Accompanied with our sister school 1st 4 Driving, we commit to providing the highest quality of driving instructor training in Exeter. We take great pride in running a driving school renowned for its provision of top tier driving instructor training and resources.

Tailored Training: Our driving instructor training in Exeter is tailored to suit your learning style. Furthermore, we combine practical driving skills, in car training and theoretical knowledge. Additionally, you’ll receive the opportunity to observe your trainer giving driving lessons to their pupils. We also recognise that each individual learns differently, therefore our training is personalised to optimise your success.

📱 Advanced technology and resources: With access to professionally developed resources and technology, you’ll remain at the forefront of innovation. Furthermore, we offer interactive learning materials as well as virtual driving simulations. Therefore, you’ll have everything you need to gain the essential skills to complete your driving instructor training in Exeter.

👋 Hands on Learning: The theory side of your driving instructor training in Exeter is important. However, we also believe that practical experience is just as important. Practical experience makes a great, solid foundation in becoming an outstanding driving instructor. As such, our training offers plentiful opportunities for practical training. Therefore, enabling you to apply your knowledge in real-life situations under expert guidance of skilled instructors

💰 How much will my driving instructor training in Exeter cost?

Here at DTE-Elite, we believe in the idea that your dreams and aspirations should remain unhindered by financial limitations. To align with this belief, we have introduced a variety of packages that offer flexible payment options. Additionally, these payment alternatives provide you with the flexibility to select the most suitable plan for you. To enquire about driving instructor training or to read more about our prices, click the button below👇👇