How much Driving Instructor Training Costs

Looking to find out how much driving instructor training costs?

Here at DTE-Elite, we are often asked how much does driving instructor training cost? We recognise that every aspiring driving instructors journey is unique. Each journey is influenced by factors such as location and individual preferences. To ensure that you receive the most relevant and effective training, our training costs are based on the area you’re in and the package you choose. This approach allows us to provide you with personalised training that meets your specific needs and aligns with your goals.

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📋About the unique training course

How much does driving instructor training cost? When looking at this, you need to compare like for like. Our course was written by Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI and covers a total of around 116 hrs of tuition. Dave is widely regarded as one of the most qualified trainers in the country and writes many books and resources to help driving instructors. Many driving schools offer the industry minimum standards of training and will typically quote 10 hours for part 2 and 40 hours for part 3.

For years, trainees have pointed out they would love the opportunity to sit in a observe real driving lessons. Dave listened to you and built it into our training course. Dave recognised the value of this but knew it would need to be structured to be incorporated into the training. In Dave’s own training, he would introduce trainees into teaching gradually. He would allow the trainee to take over part of a lesson, the parts he and the trainee knew they could cope with. Our training does not just teach you in role play, then throw you in at the deep end to complete whole lessons yourself, unsupervised! There’s a lot to consider when looking at driving instructor training costs.


There are at least 38 hours of training for starters with online videos on how to get the best from your course. Topics include competencies, lesson planning, introducing coaching and the theory training for your part one test. You will have FULL access to one of the latest apps to study for the theory test. All this is completed at your own pace, whenever you want.

💡Demonstration units

Then we have a total of 10-12 hours in-car training on what we like to call the demonstration units. These units prepare you 2-fold. One, this is what you will demonstrate to your pupils and the standard you will teach to. Two, these will help you pass your part 2 test with the DVSA.

👀Observational units

Next comes our revolutionary observational units. 20 hours in-car training in total where you sit in the back of real driving lessons. You’re not just looking out the window though. You have structured worksheets from your reflective workbook to complete. Looking for things like ‘how the trainer chose the objectives’ or ‘why there was a need to change the lesson’. All is explained in the accompanying videos plus support from your dedicated professional trainer. These are something you will almost never find included in driving instructor training costs.

🏡Home study units

Taking what you have learned in the last three sections, you will start to plan your lessons. 10 hours training or more of choosing the objectives, the area and working out timings. Again, all explained in the sessions.

👩‍🏫Teaching units

This is where you start putting it all together for real. Initially role-play sessions then you will be introduced to learners. There are at least 10 hours in-car training during these sessions. You will be covering the core lessons such as manoeuvres, junctions and rural roads to name three.

🔍Coaching sessions

Then its onto your trainee licence and your coaching units.
20 hours of in-car observational and coaching with your own learners. Guidance on how to teach different scenarios and many chances to ask your trainer questions about things.

🏛But it doesn’t stop there, not with DTE-Elite anyway….

You will be invited to classroom seminars we hold annually. These are usually most of the day and we normally provide lunch. It’s a chance to meet Dave himself who runs these sessions. Grab him while you can. His style is factual but often very amusing. Even if you only attended one, that’s another 5 hours under your belt. You can come to them all if you want. These course are included in the price of your driving instructor training.

👋More comes with our driving instructor training price

Additionally, on most Wednesday nights, Dave holds an open Zoom meeting. Let’s say you just attended 4 of them, that’s another 6 hours of training and you can come every week. Some trainers are there virtually every week. This is your chance to ask those questions that you need an answer to. You won’t get the ‘know it all’s’ but don’t really from Facebook answering. Just Dave and some of the specialist instructor trainers. We don’t usually set an agenda for these light-hearted meetings, please feel free to join along to ask your questions or even just to listen along.

You will also get free the DTE-Elite lesson planner, 31 lesson plans book and a reflective workbook. These retail and around £100 for the three books.

💸How much the Driving Instructor Training Costs

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Triple guarantees

Just to assure you that you are safe with us

Our training comes with the unique triple guarantee.

I will give you your training fees back when you qualify*
I will give you your money back ‘if’ you fail**
I will guarantee a job as a franchised driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving***

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🔐 Job security comes with our driving instructor training price

Not only do we offer fully comprehensive training, we can guarantee you a job in your new profession. Become a franchised driving instructor with our accompanying driving school 1st 4 Driving. DTE-Elite is a partnering school with 1st 4 Driving, both run by Dave Foster and his team. This allows both DTE-Elite and 1st 4 Driving to support you through every step of your journey. Choose your working hours, as a self employed driving instructor with 1st 4 Driving, you can pick which days and hours you work and your diary will be filled with pupils accordingly. A friendly, social group of driving instructors awaits to welcome you to the group. To find out more about the franchises included in the training click below:

🙌 Be part of a Team

Got a tricky pupil you’re struggling with? Ask the group! 1st 4 Driving has a closed Facebook group of 1st 4 Driving instructors where everyone offers their help, support and advice. You’ll also get the chance to meet the instructors at our training days and at staff get togethers. Being part of a great team makes a rewarding job just that extra little bit rewarding. As your confidence and expertise grows, you may also find yourself in a position to help, support and advise new trainees starting out.

💰 An investment worth making

Your career as a driving instructor is an investment worth making. When weighing up how much driving instructor training costs, the price you pay for such high rewards is well worth the investment. With the help of DTE-Elite and 1st 4 Driving, you will become more professional, more profitable and more efficient. Becoming a driving instructor is an investment that yields valuable returns in terms of financial growth, job satisfaction, personal development and the positive impact you make on individuals of society. With a stable market, potential for financial success, and the opportunity to shape your own career, the decision to become a driving instructor is an investment that promises a fulfilling and prosperous future.

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