Driving instructor required

  • You hate your boss’
  • You’re fed up with not being appreciated
  • Redundant? Again!
  • Need to work flexible hours around the children

These are all reasons why many people became Approved Driving Instructors.

Here are a few more;

  • £35,000 per year or more easily achievable
    • 30 lessons at £26 = £780 X 48 weeks = £37,440 a year
  • Flexible working hours
    • Days, evening, weekends you choose
  • New car every couple of year
    • Lease, purchase replaced every 12-24 months
  • Self employed so more of YOUR money goes in YOUR pocket
    • Plus, many other tax benefits, we can help with
  • Job security
    • You can’t be made redundant
  • Respected member of YOUR community
    • You’ll always be in demand with over 750,000 learner drivers
  • Plus, plus, plus

You’ve probably thought about it before but have hesitated thinking ‘you can’t do it right? Wrong, if you have been driving in the UK for over 3 years and have less than 6 points on your licence and no criminal records….YOU CAN

You probably think the training is expensive right? Wrong, from £310 you can be on your way, on your way to earning that £35,000 plus.

Consider this for a moment. If every time you gave me £5 I gave you £20 back, when would you stop giving me £5’s?

You pay for the training and I give you the work to earn £35,000 not just one year but every year you want to keep going………

Follow this link to find out more on why to be a driving instructor https://dte-elite.co.uk/become-a-driving-instructor/

Driving Instructors come from every walk of life, I’ve personally trained butchers, bakers although no candle makers yet. But so many people from so many different walks of life. And you can become a driving instructor too.

Each day you’ll be taking out new learners, learners who WANT to be in your car and WANT to learn. Young people and not so young WANT to learn to drive, they want to so much, they’ll pay money for it. But it doesn’t have to stop there, you can be teaching;

  • Refresher lessons
  • Fleet drivers for companies
  • UK familiarisation lessons
  • Police diversionary courses (speed awareness etc)
  • Motorways
  • Theory and classroom courses
  • Instructor training

The role can be diverse and varied.

While we DTE-Elite do the training, you’ll be working for 1st 4 Driving. 1st 4 Driving is a rapidly expanding driving school who have been around since 2000 and are expanding in your area. They offer a unique learner experience and are headed up by our very own Dave Foster. You’ll be working with the best and most qualified school in the country.

Now I am sure you want to know more, why wouldn’t you! But there is a small catch,


1st 4 Driving only want 2 driving instructors in your area, so you need to be quick to secure a place.

Download the free 90 page guide and register your place by calling now to 01579 558 668

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain


Speak soon