Free download: Standards check KPI spreadsheet

In response to the DVSA’s announcement last month that driving instructors will now be assessed based on their pupils’ driving test results, we’ve rebooted an old spreadsheet first put together 15 years ago by Dave to track driving test faults.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve overhauled the spreadsheet to bring it up to date for 2021 and is the perfect tool to track your driving tests as your pupils take them. You can backdate your test results as far as you need to.

Fill in the below form to download the latest version of the Fault Analysis Report.

driving instructor spreadsheet download

What the spreadsheet does

As you input driving test results, the spreadsheet calculates your:

  • Total tests
  • Total passes
  • Total fails
  • Total amount of faults for all your tests
  • Average driving faults per test
  • Average serious faults per test
  • Percentage of tests where the examiner had to take physical action
  • Your overall pass rate

If you trigger one of the four indicators, the KPI box for that indicator will turn red. For example, if your pass rate drops below 55%, the pass rate box will turn red.

This allows you to keep track of your KPIs and get a head start on the DVSA.

Triggering three out of the four boxes over a 12-month period is likely to induce a standards check.

In Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet has been set up to be ‘unbreakable’, meaning you can’t accidentally write something in the wrong place and break the formula. The spreadsheet has been protected for this reason.

How do I download?

Simple, just pop your email address in below and we’ll send you a download link. And the best part? It’s absolutely free.

driving instructor standards check tracking spreadsheetAlso available – premium version.

  • Counts your 12-month rolling stats.
  • Track your data in real-time
  • Get ahead of the DVSA

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Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, visit the ‘instructions’ tab at the bottom for detailed

How do I open the spreadsheet?

Currently, we can only guarantee that the spreadsheet will open, function and continue to work properly in Microsoft Excel for Windows and Mac.

We are aware of several issues when using Google Docs. If you are a Google Docs user, please ensure that you only write in the white boxes. Adding data to any coloured boxes will break the formula and stop the spreadsheet from functioning properly.

How do I use the spreadsheet?

Once opened, click on the ‘instructions’ tab and follow the steps.

It’s fairly simple to use, but may look slightly complicated at first. If you have any questions please let us know.

There’s a short how-to video below, the tutorial starts at 4:39

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driving lesson planner