There’s never been a better time to train to become a driving instructor!

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Find out why 👇👇 (psst – and, how to get discounted training)

With job security at its most uncertain for a generation, the time to take control of your own future is now.

  • Have an unlimited earning potential working in an industry that will never die
  • Make yourself redundant-proof  – never be in this position again
  • Job security that you and your family can rely on

We hear reports day-in, day-out about people losing their jobs and their livelihoods due to COVID-19. Good workers who have built up decades of experience and even their own businesses, all destroyed by this deadly virus.

But it’s all very different in our industry.

  • Before lockdown, our driving instructors were fully booked with new pupils coming to us every day looking for driving lessons
  • During lockdown, we received lots of enquiries from people looking to start to learn to drive post-COVID
  • Since lockdown has eased, we’ve seen an unprecidented rise in the amount of pupils coming to us looking for driving lessons – and the industry just doesn’t have enough instructors.

We’ve been completely inundated with three months’ worth of pupils turning 17 over the lockdown period, as well as an influx of public transport users who want to get behind the wheel instead of braving the bus to work.

While the rest of the country faces the worst job security crisis for 100 years, we’re actually turning away work.

And you can have a slice of this pie.

…That’s not even the best bit.


Discounted driving instructor training

We’ve slashed our training prices to help you achieve your goals and become an instructor. We’ll train you for every part of the driving instructor qualification and set you up as an instructor with our driving school so you can work the hours you want and earn the income you deserve.

This training can cost up to £4000 with some driving schools.

Then, once you’re qualified we’ll give you:

  • an unlimited pupil supply
  • access to your very own online diary
  • and everything you need to be a successful driving instructor

You’ll get full support and additional free business training to maximise profits and to help your new pupils who are currently waiting for you. You’ll get every penny of the money you take for lessons, and you decide to take as many lessons a week as you like.

We want people who fit our ethos. Who are willing to give a premium service in return for massive rewards. Our driving school, 1st 4 Driving, have built up an impeccable reputation across the South of the UK as one of the fastest growing and most professional driving schools, having helped thousands of pupils to pass their driving test – and we want to carry that on.


  • We’ll give you training at a discounted rate
  • You’ll be a valuable part of our future
  • Benefit from redundant-proof job security
  • Be your own boss
  • Work for a company to be proud about

Register your interest. Request a call-back. We want to hear from you.

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