Your continuing professional development (CPD)

What is CPD?
There has been much talk and confusion as to what is CPD. CPD stands for Continuing Professional development and as such needs to be ‘continuing’. Simply attending any course whether it is fleet, NVQ or any seminar or workshop will not count as CPD unless you can evidence what it is you learnt from it. If you attend a course and do not learn anything from it, then it is not Professional Development. It is not the bright shiny certificate you get at the end but the way you evidence and reflect on what you have learnt. Now all this may sound complicated but it really is not. The DSA have downloads of forms you can record your CPD on

Your CPD is evidenced in the following way;

• State the competency the CPD is linked too. This framework is shown on the following page
• Make a summary of what you learnt
• Write out the possible application (s) of what was learned and impact on career/business?
• List any future development/activities?
• Review at a later date to ask yourself what went well and what you could do to improve it.

Competency framework

In order for CPD to count you must also use it. I have met many instructors who have obtained a fleet qualification and have not used it. This makes the qualification not ‘continuing’ and leaves the holder with a problem on a check test as they have no experience of actually teaching the fleet corporate driver. Imagine trying to do an ordinary check test and not been teaching learners for a couple of years!!!!

Plan your CPD so you know what you will do with it when you have obtained it. Know where you are going to use it and what you are going to use it for.

CPD must have value to you by enhancing your teaching or your income

Keep a folder with all your records in and ensure you complete them after each course of CPD. It is wise to fill them in as soon after the course as possible so it is fresh in your mind. Try to claim for as much as you can too, as long as you can find something about a competency you have learned, you can claim credit for it. Try to make a date each year when you will plan your CPD activities for that year and set a review date.

It is worth pointing out that if you decide to go for a degree with Middlesex University, all this evidence can be used to count towards your degree in something called Recognition of Accredited Learning (RAL) portfolio. These credits can amount to as much as 240 credit points towards a 360 credit point BA (Hons) degree. That means you may have completed as much as 2/3rds of a degree without doing anything more than your normal CPD studies.