Call backs

One of the biggest reasons for lost pupils is failing to call the pupil back promptly. Check your voicemail messages at the end of every lesson and contact your pupil as soon as possible, even if it is a brief message stating when you will try to call them back. If you are short of time, then send a simple text to say you will be contacting them shortly. When you do speak with your pupil, make sure you sound friendly and take an interest. Find out a little about them first before booking the lesson and develop a rapport. Ensure they have their provisional licence card and remind them to bring it with them on the first lesson. Book in their lesson as soon as you are able in order to keep the motivation. Once you have booked the lesson let them know how much you are looking forward to the lesson and confirm the date and time. Always remind them to bring their glasses if they wear them and to wear “sensible footwear”.

1st 4 Driving associates all get a dedicated call answering service by driving lesson specific call centre staff. This eliminates lost calls and associates can ask staff to call a pupil or client back for them at any time.