Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a GOOD Driving Instructor

Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a good driving instructor

Introduction to Becoming a Good Driving Instructor

The world of driving instruction is constantly evolving, adapting to new technologies, teaching methods and learner needs. Dave Foster, a renowned figure in driver training education, brings his extensive experience and insights to the table with his new book ‘Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a Good Driving Instructor’. This book isn’t just another manual. It’s a comprehensive guide that promises to transform the way driving instructors approach their profession.

About the Author, Dave Foster

Dave Foster is acclaimed for his experience in Driver Training. With years of experience under his belt, Dave has become a respected voice in the field. He’s known for his innovative teaching methods and his commitment to raising the standards of driving instruction. Proud owner of 1st 4 Driving, his own driving school he set up many years ago and continues to grow and expand.

Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI

What ‘Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a Good Driving Instructor’ is for

Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a Good Driving Instructor delves deep into what it takes to be not just a competent driving instructor, but a GOOD Driving Instructor. Dave emphasises the importance of understanding the psychology of learners. Adapting to different learning styles and the need for instructors to continuously evolve. The book covers a range of topics, from practical teaching techniques to business acumen, making it a comprehensive resource.

Included in the book:

🎓Professional Development: This book serves as a tool for professional growth. Encouraging instructors to reflect on their methods and strive for continual improvement.

🖐Holistic Approach: Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a Good Driving Instructor, goes beyond the basics of driving instruction. Covering aspects like the mental and emotional preparation of students, which is sometimes overlooked in traditional training programs.

🤓Business Insights: This book doesn’t just offer advice and expertise on becoming a good driving instructor.
It also offers valuable advice on managing and growing a business in this competitive field.

Preparation: From the training process to the standard check test, this book will prepare you to become a good driving instructor. With real life scenarios and details about the profession and what to expect, you couldn’t be better prepared if you tried!

💡Remember! Failing to prepare is preparing to Fail💡

🚗Impact on Road Safety: Addressing not just the ‘how but also the ‘why’ offers a deeper understanding of safe driving principles. By educating instructors on instilling a sense of responsibility and safety in their students. This approach is crucial in reducing road accidents and therefore promoting a culture of safety on the roads.

🧱Building a community of Excellence: Also a key aspect highlighted in Dave’s book, is the importance of community and collaboration among driving instructors. With the help of his book, Dave looks to lay the foundations for a thriving community of driving instructors committed to excellence in their profession.

To conclude

Dave Fosters ‘Excellence in Driver Training: Becoming a GOOD Driving Instructor’ is more than just a manual. It’s a catalyst for change and growth in the field of driver education. Whether you’re an experienced instructor or just starting, this book’s a treasure trove of knowledge that can elevate your teaching and business skills. It’s a key resource in shaping well-rounded, confident, and competent driving instructors who can make a significant impact on road safety.

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