All schools are not the same

Historically there has been a huge problem with the training of driving instructors. Some schools set up purely to make money out of the training. The trainees having parted with huge sums of money and often on finance would stand little chance of passing. The training establishments did not actually encourage passing as their market of potential trainees would have dried up. The few decent schools that needed driving instructors to work for their schools struggled to get a look in and the industry started to get a bad name. Fortunately with the new wave of companies like DTE-Elite and others, the industry was put back in good light. The rouge training establishments saw the light and many disappeared or changed their name although be careful because some still exist!!

ORDIT, the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (of which DTE-Elite is a member) was also no better a measure always. Many instructor trainers simply were not qualified or experienced in training the instructors. My research showed that while many thought their own training was poor that they had themselves took no further training to become a driving instructor trainer themselves. This left me wondering where they got their own skill set from to be able to call themselves instructor trainers.