Welcome to DTE-Elite a leading driving instructor training organisation involved in the training and education of driving instructors and trainers.

Most qualified instructor training

The name DTE-Elite came about from the principle Dave Foster after he completed his master degree in Driver Training Education (DTE). Dave has been dedicated to the pursuit of furthering his knowledge into everything about teaching and training to be able to cascade this to others so they too can become better trainers. Dave has a whole host of qualificatioimage for driving instructor trainingns and these can be seen in his website Driving School Dave. Most of my schools, the instructors were originally trained by me. They found driving instructor training easy with my university researched methods and now cascade these principles to you.

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The Successful Business Model.

Written by Dave himself after many years of research.

You have arrived here because you are looking for a reliable, honest and qualified company to set you on your road to success to becoming a driving instructor or for help to become a better driving instructor. You would have thought that all trainers offer this but read my article on ‘all schools are not the same’

And with benifits of being a driving instructor of;

  • Income in excess of £30,000 easily achievable
  • Work your own hours
  • Choice of cars, Your own, lease or purchase
  • Great job satisfaction
  • So much more

of course you want to be a driving instructor. Its not for everybody though, you need to be a people person, have some patience and be flexible. You’ll need to do some training if you’re not already qualified but that’s where we come in. We are probably the most reliable, most qualified and most successful driving instructor trainers out there.

Most Successful driving instructor training

DTE-Elite were set up with you in mind so you get great training at a fair price and afterwards get the backup and support needed to see you through your career.

We work on your behalf with many schools in different areas, each school has to share the same values and dedicated beliefs to support you throughout.

  • You will get great value training
  • Support from Dave Foster himself
  • Access to great resources
  • Quality honest advice
  • Business support when starting as a driving instructor
  • 95% pass rate
  • Placement with a local school who are turning away pupils, YOUR pupils!

We can train you while you keep your current job or if you’re not working. We offer flexible training hours and it’s in our interest to get you qualified as soon as practical. Our schools are turning away pupils, pupils that could be yours.

So; don’t delay, contact is free as is our no obligation honest advice. We can arrange a call or contact by email to discuss whether driving instructor training is right for you and to let you know the exiting prospects that are waiting for you.